Monthly Archive: January 2013


Jan 30

4/18 10 Good Principles of Conflict Solutions

The following comments have been learned over the 25+ years as a Teacher, Counsellor, Mentor and a married person!  Learn to identify which of these principles you need to concentrate on in order to have better communication skills in your Conflict Solutions!

1.  Learn to fight in healthy ways and at healthy times. 

Understand the why, where and when of fighting for both yourself and for your partner. True intimates can discover healthy conflict techniques to keep that spark alive.

2.  Contrary to folklore, the existence of hostility and conflict is not necessarily a sign that love in waning.  More often, indifference is the sign of deteriorating love.


Jan 23

Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – the 23rd Psalm

How about kicking off your shoes, grab a cuppa and let’s do something outside our usual posts? Care to spend a bit of time thinking about something else to your day?
Recently someone sent me a great version of the 23rd Psalm, from Japan. I’d like to talk this one through with you. It’s called: ‘The Lord is My Pace Setter’

Jan 21

4/17 Personal Worksheet on your Fight Style:

To help you identify your ‘Fight Style’, we present this extensive Conflict PROFILE Survey.  We syggest that you print off this page and take your time to identify how you really think and feel for both you and your partner, or someone you may be having conflict with around you.

Rate yourself in Column A.  Then rate what you think your partner thinks about you in column B.

Rate the statement on a    1 = “This is not true for me/partner.”   5 = “This is very true for me/partner.”


Statement to be evaluated:




Jan 14

4/16 Learning more about Fighting Fair for Conflict Solutions


Most people have a certain ‘fight style’ they have learned from watching others resolve conflicts.  Often this happens in our childhood or in our teen years with our siblings and peers.  Learning to see our fight style and then changing the way we ‘fight’ with other is of great benefit when trying to learn better communication skills.

A.  Do you have a ‘Dance of Death’ fight style?

When we get locked into the same unhealthy methods of resolving conflicts, a ‘tit for tat’ response gets set in motion.  It becomes a “ …you do this step, I do this ….”, like some surreal self-destructive dance.