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May 27

5/13 Life Law #2: “You either get it or you don’t.”

Life Stratagies - McGrawBy getting real with yourself, taking time to understand your own inner thinking and behavior, you can determine to develop a life strategy to sort out your life issues. 

Give yourself the gift of time to understand yourself, to gain the necessary information and skills to change your life and then, work on habit patterns that keep you stuck.  Concentrate and pay attention to living.  Aim to understand the fundamental rules of your behavior and then, practice, practice, practice.

May 23

5/12 Guest Post – Ana Hoffman on arriving at a great Marriage

ResourcesEveryone struggles in their marriage at some time or another. The difference between those who ‘thrown in the towel’ and give up and those to stick it and comes down to one simple piece of advice: Stay with it and practice your marriage skills!

Ok, the question is how . . . How do you do it when all seems lost in the forest of grumbles and complaints, the darkness of doubt if this is the right one or …. a thousand others fears and thoughts.

…but you know what …. it isn’t talent that makes it happen.

May 19

Conflict solutions and the Importance of Gratitude

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cuppa1Hello everyone!  Grab a cuppa’ and get comfortable.  Lately I have been thinking about the importance of Gratitude!  So thought I’d drop by today and say hello and have a chat about how important this quality is in our life.

So to begin with, have you ever thought about what you bring to your relationships?  No matter how huge people’s problems are, having a positive attitude will help.  Sometimes, you can be that ray of sunshine in another person’s life.

May 13

5/11 The Right Mental Attitude for Conflict Solutions

Life Stratagies - McGraw

fidelity couple2The person you most need to stand up to in this world is you.  In the war called ‘life’, most of the decisive battles are fought within you.   Once you learn ‘the rules of the game’, we can learn to get what we need and want.  Learn how to plan the game and you will be amazed at the difference in your own life.

 Life Law #1 – “You must get real with yourself!”


May 08

5/9 Do you Speak the right Relationship Language?

ResourcesWe need to understand our own requirements for a healthy relationship.  Many of us try to run our life on an empty or nearly empty “Love Tank”.  When we live our life without enough emotional connection, our ‘Love Tank’ can become dry and hardened – even to God’s love.  We need our partners to give us types of love that will fill our tanks.

First, rate your own “love Tank” need.  Use a scale of

1 = “I feel less of a need for this.” to

5 = “This is most needed for me to function well.


May 03

5/8 Recognizing Life Changes in Conflict Resolution

family or originWe all face conflict; it’s unavoidable especially in an important relationship.  Since we can’t avoid conflict, it’s what we learn from the situation that counts.  Do we just go round and round the mountain on the same issues or have we learned from the conflict?  Here are 10 reminders about conflict and your relationships.

1.  See conflict as a God-given opportunity to refine your chosen healthy new fight style.  Set priorities!

2.  How important is it for you to learn new skills to resolve the conflicts you face?  Own your own Stuff!  No one can change unless they are willing.  Even God can’t change us so don’t try to bully others into change either.


May 01

5/7 YouTube – Marriage Problems Don’t Exist

YOutube Marriage 1

YOutube Marriage 1According to one Marriage Counsellor, there are no problems in a Marriage that cannot be resolved.  Here what he has to say!

“Marriage problems don’t really exist. Let me tell you what I’ve learned in my many years counseling couples and 19 years of marriage.”

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The aim of all Marriage Counselling is to fix roots of problems.  Comments?

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author