Monthly Archive: September 2013


Sep 25

6/2 Males and Females created Differently

scroll and quill

scroll and quillWe continue our discussion on the roots of the battle between the sexes with our story in Genesis.  Males are different than females – obviously!  As we saw in our last post, it starts with the original couple – the story of the Garden of Eden. 

What happened then is still happening today! There is still that ‘snake in the grass’.  So in order to understand where today’s problems exist, we need to see where things went wrong.  This was the start of the Original War. 

So what happened to their perfect world?  What torn their perfect unity apart … and is still going on today.

Sep 15

6/1 Conflict Solutions and understanding the Opposite Sex


male female diffWe now head into an area where we must tread carefully.  Much of what we will share comes from over 25+ years of counselling experience and on a personal level, a very happy marriage of 40+ years.  However, I aware that some of what we will share is be counter to the current ways of thinking in a society where ‘do your own thing’ is most people’s guidelines.


Sep 04

5/34 Summary of our Blog on the Early Years of Marriage

couple parentsSo far in our Conflict Solutions Blog, we have discussed how learning to resolve conflicts is essential to any relationship or to inner personal health.  We have covered the importance of good communications skills and learning how to really listen to others to resolve conflicts.  Then we went onto looking at how our Family or Origin influences all our conflicts, especially when two people come from such different families as our case examples of Chelsea and Jacko.