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Oct 25

6/6 The Disobedience in the Garden and Conflict Solutions

eden2In our last post, we discussed the Creator’s sad pronouncement at the disobedient actions of Adam and his wife, now named Eve.  These details are very important in understanding the conflict between males and females, both then and now.  So how does this influence relationship between the sexes, especial in marriage and raising a family? 

Let’s start with, we need to establish certain details.  Go back to the story in Geneses, chapters 2 and 3 to see if you can find the answers to the following facts:


Oct 15

6/5 ‘The Choice’ by Max Lucado applies to Conflict Solutions

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As we continue to look at the records found in the book of Genesis, we can see so many underlying themes that applied to us today.  Here is a noted author with his comments to the story.  One of my favourite authors, Max Lucado gives us an insight into the choices made by Adam and Eve.  Here is his version of events:


He placed one scoop of clay upon another until a form lay lifeless on the ground.  All of the Garden’s inhabitants paused to witness the event.  Hawks hovered.  Giraffes stretched.  Trees bowed. Butterflies paused on petals and watched.


Oct 06

6/4 The Creator presents Solutions to their disobedience


eden2 As we saw in our last post, Adam and his wife chose to follow the cunning, seductive suggestions of the snake rather than their loving Creator.  Their eyes were opened as the snake had said … but what they saw was their own nakedness, not the glory of being a God!  They took the large leave from the trees around them and make ‘coverings’ for their bodies. (Genesis 3:7)


Oct 01

6/3 The Choice led to Disaster and the need for Conflict Solutions

full riverSo far, we have discussed the creation of the worlds, the earth and then the crowning achievement: Adam and the woman, living in a perfect Garden.  We last left the couple, each looking and listening to the Snake.

We shall continue with the story from the woman’s viewpoint:

“Slowly my interest grew in this talking snake.  I had never seen a snake talk before so it did arouse my curiosity more and more.  Other feelings came to the surface as well as this new sensation of curiosity.  I felt confusion – Why had the Creator not told us these things?  I thought about what it would be like … to be like God and my fantasy grew.  The awesome power of creation …. and I felt somewhere, back in my memory, I caught the sound of Adam’s words – but what if he had been wrong…. ?