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Nov 22

6/9 The Heart of the Conflict between Adam and Eve


male female questionsAs we saw in our last post, Eve was deceived into making the decision and Adam went along with her choice ……. because he really wanted to find out what it would be like to eat the fruit.  She carried out what was already in his heart to do.  She became the one who acted out his desire.  Again, that is the pattern we see around us today.

A major part of The Old Nature shows itself differently in males and females.

1. The typical old nature in males is to do what Adam did:


Nov 13

6/8 The Patterns of the Old Nature in Conflict Solutions


We raised some interesting questions in one of our last posts.  How did you go on sorting out some of the basic details from the Genesis story?  Can you see some common themes in today’s world?

1.  The Patterns of the Old Nature

What do we means when we talk about ‘the Old Nature’?  This is the term used in the New Testament to talk about the basic way humans act, think and the relationships with others.  Before we become Jesus Followers, we follow this old nature because it is the natural way we think and act, choose and react.  This includes the bottom line self-centredness, self-protecting and self-striving we see about us.