Monthly Archive: December 2013


Dec 23

6/11 Jesus’ view of women when it comes to the Battle of the Sexes

parentsDid you know that Jesus was a radical?  For His time, He had very radical views about women.  He broke many social, sexual and religious taboos about even talking to women.  Other people thought being a female was just another part of a man’s possessions.  “My sheep, my wagon, my wife, my oxen, my children ….” were common ways of seeing women and children.

Jesus showed deep love and care for the individual, whether they were male or female.  We must begin by understanding what was in the heart of Father God when He created female.  Because, we are different than males!  Does that surprise anyone?


Dec 17

6/10 Many Males see female as the source of life

Once a man was waling along a beautiful beach and found a magic bottle.  When he rubbed the bottle, a genie appeared.  He was granted two wishes.  “First, I would like a bridge from my office in San Francisco to the island where I live.  Three lane highway would be good but I would take two lane if necessary.”
“…but…..” the genie spluttered. “That’s 5,00 mile of freeway and over such deep water!  Do you have another request?”

“Well” said the man. “I would like to understand women.”

“Huuummmm” said the genie after thinking for awhile.  “Now about that bridge…..”