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Dec 27

What is your Love Language?

What is the language you show when you care about someone?

rejection_1We need to understand our own requirements for a healthy relationship.  Many of us try to run our life on an empty or nearly empty “Love Tank”.  When we live our life without enough emotional connection, our ‘Love Tank’ can become dry and hardened – even to God’s love.  We need our partners to give us types of love that will fill our tanks.

First, rate your own “love Tank” need.  Use a scale of

1 = “I feel less of a need for this.” to


Nov 26

6/29 There are many Differences between Males & Females

family or originThis part of our message today is hotly debated in most circles.  We can see clear physical differences between most males and most females, but what about the underlying personality and relationship differences?  From my reading and personal experience in counselling, I believe that there are basic differences, both from their environment and conditioning and set by God. 

In our past posts, we have covered 8 major differences.  In this post, we shall expand and look for answers as to why this is so.

1. From the Beginning, Adam and Eve were meant to be ONE.


Sep 28

6/28 Being Comfortable with my role, my mate and my body

male female questionsSo what is there about sex that causes conflicts?

The ‘sex centre’ in your brain is located in the hypothalamus, which is also that part of the brain that controls the emotions, heart rate and blood pressure.  Hormones, especially testosterone, are released from this gland, stimulating the desire for sex.

  1. Sexual arousal difference between genders
  2. “If men are gas cookers, women are electric ovens.”  A male can ignite instantly and operates at full capacity in seconds, to be turned off just as quickly.  A woman’s sex drive heats slower and takes longer to cool down.

Sep 04

6/27 The 8th difference: Sexual Arousal in males and females

Add waffles and speg.  Here first!

male female questionsNow we come the eight major difference between most males and most females: Sexual arousal.  Again to catch a good summary of wht we have discussed so far, go back to the 6/23 post, The 6th Difference in Genders for Conflict Solutions post.  In this post, we shall look at the interesting difference in the male female response to sexual attraction.

The ‘sex centre’ in your brain is located in the hypothalamus, which is also that part of the brain that controls the emotions, heart rate and blood pressure.  Hormones, especially testosterone, are released from this gland, stimulating the desire for sex.

Aug 07

6/26 Conflict from Thick Skinned Males and Sensitive Females

communication skillsSo far in our discussion on ‘What your dad didn’t tell you about the opposite sex’, we have covered Six of the Seven main misunderstandings about males and females.   Go back and look at 6/23 if you need a quick review.  We will cover the eight issue in a later post.

In this post, we want to venture into a seventh area: The thick skinned male versus the more fragile emotions of the female.  Most women have a thinner ‘skin’, especially when it comes to conflicts and their approach to others.  Why is this so and what can be done about resolution when in conflict?


Oct 06

Guest Post: Sex – When a Women doesn’t want it and Conflict Solutions

Here is a great Guest Post on the topic we have been covering from Lovers for Life: Strengthening and Preserving Your Marriagewritten by the Penners, published by Christian Publications, Inc.   With permission, we have reproduced it as a Guest Post.

“I have already gotten settled in bed, wearing my flannel nightgown and reading my book. Now that you’re in male female tug of warthe mood, I’m not sure I want to go to all the trouble… (A paraphrase of Song of Songs 5:3, 6)


Sep 24

Guest Post: Conversations every Serious Couple Should have to help with Conflict Solutions

couple5How many kids you want, how often you floss, what flavour wedding cake you’re imagining — these topics aren’t exactly appropriate for first-date conversations. But by the time you’re in a serious relationship, there are certain subjects you absolutely must discuss if you’re going to continue to build a healthy partnership. 

So whether you’re already hitched, thinking about shacking up, or even if you’ve been dating for years without any intention of moving in together or getting married, this list is for you. Check out the nine discussions you and your partner need to have, STAT.


Sep 19

Conflict Solutions – The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work

Book: 7 principles

7 principles9781452651514Recently I found a great book by Dr John Gottman on the Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work. 

We all know making a good marriage or any relationship takes input from all sides as well as som hard work at times.  Certainly learning conflict solutions are of great benefit for all!

Here is a YouTube video pm Dr. Gottman’s book.   I did some research and found this from  alsaccen·1 video on YouTube:


Then I found some great reviews on Amazon. This review is from: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert (Hardcover)


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