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Jan 28

Book: Why Men don’t Listen and Women can’t Read maps for Conflict Solutions

Conflict listen 9780767907637

Conflict listen 9780767907637So far in our discussion on the Male Female Differences, we have talked about the first couple, Adam and Eve and what went wrong with that perfect relationship.  Then we traced how they actions still influences us today and what the great Plan has to be in order to regain and reunite males and females as they go through the Battle of the sexes.

To help us understand more of the foundations, here is an interesting book: ‘Why Men Don’t Listen and Women can’t read Maps.  We’ll begin with a YouTube Discussion on the book. Published on Feb 15, 2013


Jan 23

6/12 Helping Males understand the alien race of Females for Conflict Solutions

couple6So far, we have discussed how Creator God has made men and women in an incredible variety of personality, shape and size when it comes to Conflict Solutions.  It is difficult to talk about women or men in a general way without possibly getting into trouble, since they are so different to each other and need to be treated individually.  However, we need to talk about some of the common ways that men conflict with women so we can find solutions to this battle of the sexes.

1. The first area of confusion is that not all men and women are alike.