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May 27

6/22 Various Explanations Gender Differences

couple parentsThe aim of this series has been to restore women and men into their place of what God intended for them to be.  The heart of Father God is to see His creation and especially the family, protected and cherished.  His plans are for both males and females to thrive and grow by following His principles. 

He certainly does not see the battle of the sexes as normal, or as joke material and the basis for media dollars.  This only promotes the dysfunctions that families continue into the next generation.


May 24

The Five Languages of Apology for Conflict Solutions


d Conflict 5 Languages of ApologyHere is a guest post on a very important book for Conflict Solutions: The Five Languages of Apology by Pastor Sharon White.

“Ever had someone say “I’m sorry” but their words don’t really hit the hurt spot that needed to hear an apology?  Sometimes these are just words; there is still a hole in the relationship. 

I’m sorry” becomes too easy, too general for the hurt caused.  Jennifer Thomas and Dr Gary Chapman have co-authored a book that addresses this very issue and offers a solution to help restore communication in relationships.


May 09

6/21 Something to Remember about Emotions


family conflict

In the last post, we discussed the difference in mindset between the Logic versus the response of the Emotions and intuitions.  It is not our intention to present the importance of learning to handle our emotions in healthy ways on this blog.  However, if you want to know more about your emotions, find us on

It is important to stress however, that we all have emotions, whether we show them or not.  Feelings are morally neutral it is what we do with them that involves being good or bad.  The mindset to totally follow our intuition or emotions in life can be harmful to our mental health if we neglect the other parts of our personality.