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Jul 25

The Rules Guys Wish Girls Knew to help Conflict Solutions

sexual expectationsRecently I heard a good discussion on the things that guys wish girls knew.   They’re not difficult, but following them makes things run much smoother at home.  Here is a summary:

  1. Ask for what you want.  Let us be clear on this one: subtle hints do not work.  Strong hints do not work.  Just say it!
  2. No, we do not know what day it is.  We never will.  Mark anniversaries on the calendar.  Remind us frequently beforehand.
  3. Most guys own 3 pairs of shoes – tops.  What makes you think we would be any good choosing which pair, out of 30, would look good with your dress?

Jul 22

6/25 Learning to Communicate is the Key to Gender Harmony

As we mentioned in our last post on the logical and relationship differences between most males and mostrejection_1 females, talking about things is essential to every good relationship!

Speech is the main form of communication with most females.  In fact, most women process information by speaking out while they are thinking through issues.  (ex.  ‘rational male’ vs. ‘intuitive female working out budgets. 

A common male complaint is: “She’ll talk me to death if I let her!”  WHY?  Talking about her problems is how most women get relief from stress.  She wants to be heard, not have the problem fixed right then and there.

Jul 20

Conflict Solution – Just to prove the point

ptatoes FB

We have been talking about male female differences and how important it is to be clear in communication.  Here is a funny illustration from Facebook:

A man sees his wife is busy in the kitchen and says: “Can I help?”

She says “Sure, take this bag of potatoes, peel half and put them in a pot to boil.”

So he did just that!

ptatoes FB

Communication is the key to the gender differences!  Let’s keep trying!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author