Monthly Archive: August 2015


Aug 31

Conflict Solution, Sexual response and Self-Worth

Feelings about our self-worth go deep into every area of our life.  Tick those areas in your life mhead01that need Father God’s help in ‘re-designing’ your thinking patterns.

____ 1. I feel guilty about almost everything I do.

____ 2. I can’t stop condemning myself for past sins and mistakes.

____ 3. I am troubled over my lack of self-confidence.

____ 4. My sleep is frequently disturbed.

____ 5. I feel nervous and tense most of the time.  I panic easily.

____ 6. I act on impulse and think later.


Aug 20

6/42 Restoring the Rightful Roles in Conflict Solutions


As we look deep into this concept of the Old Nature and male/female relationships, we see an interesting pattern. This is the majority f people around us who have not accepted their God-given challenge of walking with Him. Caught in self-centeredness and often hidden rebellion to God, they follow whatever their heart wants.

When we put this in context of the actions of Adam and Eve, we can see the Old Nature clearer. In fact, there is often an undercurrent of seduction and emotional struggle for power going on.

Aug 12

Book: 101 Things your Dad didn’t tell you about Women

dad didn't tell you_

Let’s face it; your Dad probably couldn’t tell you exactly how to be a good wife or a good girlfriend to keep a reallydad didn't tell you_ great guy helplessly in love with you.

Maybe the topic of how to please your husband in bed would have been too awkward a conversation, or perhaps talking about the emotional needs of a man was beyond his comfort level to share.

Whatever the reason, your good old Dad probably never told you the ugly truth about what men want from women. If you’re clueless when it comes to understanding men in relationships or if you want to know what men want from women, this book is going to fill in the gaps of knowledge where your Dad might have failed to do so.


Aug 08

6/41 Seeing the Emotional Spiritual Battle Between the Sexes


As we continue with our theme on ‘What your Dad didn’t tell you about the Opposite sex’, we spend another few posts on the issues of Males andmale female questions Headship, their place in the Godly family and how to help get and keep the balance right.

  1. A quick background for this issue:

Genesis 2– God Creates Man, 2:7. He was given directions about the Two Trees 2:8-9. Adam was called to “…guard, guide and govern …” the Garden 2:15-17, “Shamar”. God creates ‘Whoa! Man!’ – woman – 2:21-23 and they are ‘One Flesh’, 2: 24-25. Woman’s commission = home improvement committee 2:18.  She was a Helper suited to help with the Garden.


Aug 06

6/40 Learning to Humble Yourselves Before God to Resolve Conflicts

In general, people tend to have issues revolving around pride. If this is the case, then we will tend to live in denial with regard to the pain we are male female diffcausing others around us. A classic case of this in found in the Old Testament, when King David counted how many men he had available for war (1 Chr. 21). Even after being told by General Joab that this was a sin against God, David still went ahead. As a consequence 70,000 men died by the plague. We would agree, that Israel suffered serious consequences caused by David’s pride.