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Sep 21

Book: Make Love not Porn

love  not porn_

love not porn_Hardcore pornography is becoming so ubiquitous on the web, it is shaping and distorting the way many of today’s young men and women think about sex and intimacy.

Author Cindy Gallop discovered this through personal experience.

In a bold, honest book, she describes numerous examples of porn-influenced behaviour from the hilarious to the disturbing. “Make Love Not Porn” is part of the new TED Books series. TED Books are short digital books that present a single powerful idea.

From the YouTube videos:



Sep 20

6/44 Sexual Politics in the Bedroom

Affair of the Mind

We have been looking at the reasons for conflict, such as the huge area of male and female differences andrejection_1 the importance of learning healthy emotional expression.

Sex can be an indicator of the health of the marriage

Sex is not always the fireworks and skyrockets of Hollywood’s fantasy world. Sex is only one element of a marriage relationship. How satisfying sex is in a marriage, is often determined by other aspects of the relationship. We could say that sex is a ‘barometer’ or ‘thermometer’ of how well the relationship is working.


Sep 17

Pornography as part of the Conflict between the sexes

One of the important issues between the sexes and the clarity of self-interest versus being other centred is that of Pornography.  No matter what your view, here is an interesting YouTube on the subject.  Often, we find in counselling that porn can be addictive as well as harmful to any relationship.

If you have a problem with Pornography or know someone who does, watch this video by Mark Brown·100 videos


Here is another interesting YouTube video on the Impact of Pornography On The Male Psyche (Pt.1  Produced by Scurry254624·46 videos


Sep 12

Conflict Solutions looks at the Book ‘Save the Males’

Save males

Save males With piercing wit and perceptive analysis, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Kathleen Parker explores how men, maleness, and fatherhood have been under siege in American culture for decades.  She argues that the feminist movement veered off course from its original aim of helping women achieve equality and ended up making enemies of men.

The pendulum has swung from the reasonable middle to a place where men have been ridiculed in the public square and the importance of fatherhood has been diminished–all to the detriment of women and children, who ultimately suffer most.

Sep 08

Top 7 Things GUYS Wish GIRLS Knew & What Girls wish Guys knew!

Here is an interesting YouTube on some of the topics we have been covering, published on Aug 12, 2013

What do guys secretly wish girls knew about them? GIRLS.  We asked on our TYTU Facebook and John’s Twitter pages, what’s one thing guys which girls knew? Here are some of your responses!

Then the other side of the story:  7 Things Girls Wish EVERY Guy Knew!  Published on Jan 7, 2014

Ladies – you know those things that drive you CRAZY that you just wish guys would figure out already?! Well here’s your chance to finally tell them! Check out some of the top things TYTU’s female viewers wish guys knew! Tweet:


Sep 05

A Great new Book: The Truth Shall set you Free!


Recently I attended a Book launch for an interested new book: ‘The Truth has set me Free’. The book traced the mation3journey of Marion, who came through many personal disasters. As she faced each event and allowed the Lord to come and heal the woundedness within, Marion found a whole new way of looking at life. In fact, she found a whole new life. Here is some of her story.