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12/1 Practical Case Study & Resources

It always helps to see how the basic principles of conflict resolution apply in real life. We have tried and make this Blog on Conflict Solutions as practical as possible.

To help, I have included a Case Study involving two people, from two very different Family of Origins and backgrounds.  Add on top of that, we have a male – Jacko – and a female – Chelsea.

We’ll present Chelsea and Jacko as an example of healthy solutions when conflict hits their relationship.

In this category that our Case Study will be more helpful.  Chelsea and Jacko set the stage for investigating the rough waters of relationships when everything and everyone seems so totally different to their individual backgrounds and views.

First off all, a bit about Chelsea:

Chelsea was born in Littleville, Ohio (very small town), oldest of 3 daughters.  Her Mother was diagnosed as bipolar when Chelsea was 10.  She grew up with a protective, supportive dad but the whole family is emotionally distant from mum.  She worked her way through University, has her law clerk degree with possibilities of going into law as profession.

Chelsea is well liked at work for her ‘team-work thinking’.  She is independent, introvert, shy, few friends outside family circle.  Now, at 32, she lives on her own and has few male relationships.  Chelsea likes to keeps to a budget and does that well.  She also enjoys reading, scrap-booking and movies with girlfriends.

Chelsea has learned good debating skills from her Dad and insists on ‘truth’ and resolving issues.  She is very ready for a family and settling down.  However, Mum’s comments about males has left her cautious, self-conscious and inhibited about her body and sex, although she has the looks that do attract male attention.

Once she attended a local church but reacted to the ‘male-orientation’ thinking.  She would call herself conservative, romantic at heart, waiting patiently for ‘the right one’.

Now about Jacko –

Jacko was born in Chicago, Illinois (a very, very large town) as the first 3 brothers, played High School and University Football.  He was recruited early by major league team, playing footy now for 5 years.  His whole family is very sports knowledgeable and supports his efforts.  Now at 35, he’s at the top of his team, competitive, enjoys all sports.

There has always been an emotionally distance between parents.  His Dad was an absent, workaholic dad and ‘do-it-all’ mum, who manages their home and their lives.  Jacko has had mostly male input all his life with little real interaction with females.

He is also very independent, handsome, extrovert, outgoing and used to spending plenty of money.  With his success has come a huge following of friends – especially female – team members and the media.  He is definitely the hero of the town!

As you would guess, he has had plenty of experience in the girlfriend area but none who stayed the distance.  He is very self-confident with his body and male needs.  Jacko is from a nominal Catholic background.  He has very little interest in ‘getting to the bottom of things’, but rather avoids conflict.  He still wanting to climb mountain tops, skydiving and racing cars in Austria.

As you can see, they are two very different people.  What sorts of conflict can you see them facing if they begin a relationship?  Continue with us as we explore how these two very different people interact and how they do Conflict Solutions!

There are a variety of websites and blogs that contain helpful advice and posts. Personal worksheets help you to identify any problem areas that still need to be resolved in your own life However, we are sure you understand the need to keep these articles usable and open-hearted. So please read the guidelines below and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

We’ll be inviting Guests to write about their journey, as well as finding ‘podcasts’, interviews with interesting people, stories and great articles! You’ll also find great Resources: YouTube videos, helpful books, eBooks, music and other media resources included in our Library. We have also present a variety of practice worksheets and personal exercises and other great free resources to help you on this journey.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

PS Remember this is a completely made-up story and is not based on any person or persons.  It is a combination of events I have experience in counselling over my 25+ years.

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