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Dec 14

1/3 Let me set the scene for you in Conflict Solutions

fidelity couple2Priscilla reluctantly agreed to join a few friends as they troop off to a ‘Girls Night Out’ at a local hotspot. She suspects it may be noisy, hot and crowded but she’ll be with friends so she’ll be safe. All all dressed up and someplace to go, they arrive at the selected hotspot.

Priscilla has been volunteered to be the Designated Driver, choosing not to drink and loose herself in the whirling scene. Little did she know how her life was to change that night.

The young women didn’t choose the weather that was for sure. Rain was pelting down, slick sidewalks and lots of umbrellas! Priscilla dropped them off at the busy front door and when to find a parking spot.

You guessed it …. Quite a few blocks from the place she found a tiny backstreet with one small, tight parking place. Never fear – our girl was a great parker but just before she reached for her turning signal, another car zoomed into her spot!

Sputtering but still in control, Priscilla went around the block again. There, she spotted one lonely spot under a tree. Quick, turning signal and she pulled into the spot … just in time for the birds to resettle and remark their spot. “No!” Several white and blurring spots appeared on her car from the birds above.

She jumped back into the car just as she saw the other car who had ‘stolen her spot’ zoom past. Maybe the spot was free now, so she hopefully journeyed back to the isolated back street. This was not to be. As the rain increased, another car had just pulled in and a well dressed man jumped out.

She slammed on the breaks, sending a swish of water spraying him from the top stylish hair cut to his nicely shined shoes. He seemed so surprised and then angry that she quickly continued on to another fruitless search.

Well, long story short, she finally found a spot, walked the 5 blocked in pouring rain and arrived at the nightspot. Dripping and dismayed, she settle next to her friends and who should be sitting next to them? You guessed it – an equally drenched male with a tight grin on his face.

So began their relationship. Her friends soon found other males friends, letting her know she was free of driving them home, abandoning her to this wet, seething male. Joining the dancing was suggested but as they both were in very wet shoes, it wasn’t a great idea.

After an hour of loud music, jostling crowds and other leering offers, Priscilla decided to leave her friends to their new friends. As you would guess, she bumped into Mickey as they both walked out the door. Being the gentleman on the town, he offered to drive her to her car and …. Well, the conversation began. A second date was planned to see the hotspot for lunch without all the crowds. Romance was in the air!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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