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Good communication skills are learned

May 24

The Five Languages of Apology for Conflict Solutions


d Conflict 5 Languages of ApologyHere is a guest post on a very important book for Conflict Solutions: The Five Languages of Apology by Pastor Sharon White.

“Ever had someone say “I’m sorry” but their words don’t really hit the hurt spot that needed to hear an apology?  Sometimes these are just words; there is still a hole in the relationship. 

I’m sorry” becomes too easy, too general for the hurt caused.  Jennifer Thomas and Dr Gary Chapman have co-authored a book that addresses this very issue and offers a solution to help restore communication in relationships.


Jun 13

5/15 Fifteen Expectations for your Relationships

couple6Many of us had little exposure to the opposite sex as we were growing up.  Sure, they sat next to us at school or even teased us in the playgrounds…but to really understand them, that took the wisdom of later years.

Knowing something about our partner or the other sex in relationships is very important.  Without good info, we can form unreal expectations of our spouse.  Many of these expectations are destroyed in the first year of a relationship.  However, it helps to begin with realistic views right from the start.

Here are 15 truths to know before your start any realtionship!


Jun 03

5/14 Conflict Solutions presents: Love and Respect Book

Love and Respect

Love and Respect_Since we are continuing the theme of relationships, both with people in general and within the first year of marriage, I wanted to introduce a Marriage Book with a Difference! 

Discover the Single Greatest Secret to a Successful Marriage: Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs by Emerson Eggerichs

A Message That Works:


May 27

5/13 Life Law #2: “You either get it or you don’t.”

Life Stratagies - McGrawBy getting real with yourself, taking time to understand your own inner thinking and behavior, you can determine to develop a life strategy to sort out your life issues. 

Give yourself the gift of time to understand yourself, to gain the necessary information and skills to change your life and then, work on habit patterns that keep you stuck.  Concentrate and pay attention to living.  Aim to understand the fundamental rules of your behavior and then, practice, practice, practice.


Apr 01

4/28 Summary of Communication Skills with Conflict Solutions

suicide 2c

communication skillsIn the first part of our Summary of this Category on Conflict Solutions, we covered the first 14 posts.  Join us now as we finish the summary of the remaining posts and present the next Category in our discussion.

We briefly looked at the importance of knowing your own ‘Fight Style’.  How do you resolve – or avoid – conflicts with others.  Remember, conflict will happens; it’s how we handle the conflict when it comes that helps us grow toward better communication.


Mar 21

4/27 Summary for Conflict Solutions – Communication

couple - communication skillsWelcome back to our concluding post on Conflict Solutions!  In this category, we have been presenting how much communication styles influence conflict. 

This huge topic started with your ‘Family or Origin’ as the first and greatest imprint for handling conflict.  The first five years of your life are the most important when looking at your ‘Conflict Style’. 

As you watched how your parents and siblings handled conflict – or often avoided facing conflict – remains ingrained in your thinking and actions.  However, as an adult, this ‘conflict style’ need not be set in concrete.  We can learn new patterns and new ways of relating with others.  This has been the reoccurring theme of our blog.


Mar 06

4/26 Conflict Solutions – Males and Females are created to be Different

 girl with glassesWe begin this part of our Conflict Solutions blog by tracing how some of the common conflicts happen between males and females in our world. The first major point we all need to accept and integrate into our relationships between the sexes is that Creator God made Males and Females to be Different!

Here is a funny story to show the common view of males and females:

“One day while walking on a beach, a man found a bottle. Rubbing the sand from the bottle, a genie awaited his requests. The man thought for a minute and finally said: ‘Because I like to travel to New Zealand, would you build a bridge for me to get there easily?’  The genie looked very doubtful.


Mar 27

4/25 Catching the Conflict before it Happens for good conflict solutions

family or originAs we continuing to look at how we all handle conflicts, we find there are three main

A.  Most of us handle conflict using the following conflict styles:

1.  Avoidance, Withdrawal or Denial

Ignoring or pretending conflict didn’t happen.  Such repression will only allow conflict to surface somewhere else at another time.  People in denial usually just give in to conflict, become a doormat.

2.  Defusion, Smoothers

This includes delaying tactics, resolving minor points without dealing with root issues.  This produces frustration and a build up of problems.

3.  Confrontation or Domination


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