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FOO issues influencing conflict

Aug 20

5/25 Website of the Month – Marriage Revolution by Debra White Smith

Breaking Free from Your Family of Origin

Debra White Smith writes as an Author for ‘Marriage Revolution’, Monday, male female tug of warApril 07, 2008

Debra’s comments are based on the Passage: Genesis 2:20-25

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2:24 KJ

  There can be no cleaving without leaving. A husband and wife cannot fully join to each other until they have severed dependence on their families of origin. While connection with extensive family networks can be a great source of support and encouragement, they were never meant to be a controlling factor in the lives of a married couple.


Feb 22

3/4 Flexible versus Rigid FOO and Conflict Solutions

 So far in this series on Personality Issues when facing conflicts, we have been looking at the Family or Origin Differences. 

We have discussed how important your Family background is when learning to resolve conflicts.  As we have seen every area of your relationship with our partner is influenced by the family we first knew. 

We have also included a personal worksheet as an example for your own FOO model.

Feb 01

3/2 Conflict Solutions and our Family of Origin

girl with seashells

In this second post on our Third series of Personality Issues that influence Conflict Solutions, we venture into the complex area of your Family of Origin, or FOO for short. 

Did you read our practical case study enough so you can see the challenges facing our two people?  In this post, we want to examine how our Family of Origin contributes to the happiness – or lack of happiness – in finding Conflict Solutions.

A.  What is our ‘Family of Origin’?

1.   To begin with, our Family of Origin (or FOO) refers to that first and most lasting impact on our views of ourselves.