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Oct 21

6/45 So we finish the series “What your Dad didn’t Tell you”!

We have been discussing the essential differences between males and females in the ‘War of the Sexes’. Wemale female questions began the series with the title ‘What your Dad didn’t tell you about the Opposite sex’.  We’ve spent 44 posts, quite a few book reviews and YouTube videos to make the point that males and females need to understand each other better.

We discussed the 7 main areas of misunderstanding that seem to cause the battle of the sexes between males and females. Here are the following topics we covered in this series:


Sep 21

Book: Make Love not Porn

love  not porn_

love not porn_Hardcore pornography is becoming so ubiquitous on the web, it is shaping and distorting the way many of today’s young men and women think about sex and intimacy.

Author Cindy Gallop discovered this through personal experience.

In a bold, honest book, she describes numerous examples of porn-influenced behaviour from the hilarious to the disturbing. “Make Love Not Porn” is part of the new TED Books series. TED Books are short digital books that present a single powerful idea.

From the YouTube videos:



Sep 20

6/44 Sexual Politics in the Bedroom

Affair of the Mind

We have been looking at the reasons for conflict, such as the huge area of male and female differences andrejection_1 the importance of learning healthy emotional expression.

Sex can be an indicator of the health of the marriage

Sex is not always the fireworks and skyrockets of Hollywood’s fantasy world. Sex is only one element of a marriage relationship. How satisfying sex is in a marriage, is often determined by other aspects of the relationship. We could say that sex is a ‘barometer’ or ‘thermometer’ of how well the relationship is working.


May 22

6/34 Conflict Solutions looks at how to Establish Intimacy in Relationships

Daniel (2)

Conflict Solutions presents a Guest Post by Daniel Fengler, Counsellor for over 20 Daniel (2)years.  Here is some of his comments about building relationships, especially the one you want to lead into marriage.

“If I wanted to become friends with someone, how would I go about it?

  1. Gather information about the person

If I didn’t know them at all, I would gather some information about them from others.  I would poke around and ask mutual acquaintances some questions.  “Hey, Fred, what do you know about Jackie?  I think she is ******!”


Apr 15

Conflict Solutions Present 2 YouTube versions of Male Female Differences

In our series for Conflict Solutions, we have bee discussing Male-female interactions.

Here are two YouTube videos on the male female differences by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr Tim Clinton.  This may also help you see some ways to enjoy the opposite sex.

Here is another view of male female differences by Dr Tim Clinton·.  If you enjoy his views he has 32 videos you might also enjoy watching:


May this info add to your understanding of male female differences in a humorous as well as serious way.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


Feb 13

6/30 Mutual servanthood is the goal for Conflict solutions

male female questionsServanthood is a foreign concept to much of the ‘me-first’ world around us.  Certainly, this was broken since the first couple in the Garden o Eden.  True servanthood was demonstrated by Jesus Christ when He was here on earth.  Few notable examples have emerged since His day.

To understand what servanthood’ means, we need to pull the very word apart.

Then, what are the basic principles we can learn from this study on Male Female differences?  What is the heart of the Battle between the sexes?

  1. The Submissive Attitude is for Every Believer.

Aug 26

Conflict Solutions discusses the book: Talk so He will Listen

couple conflict

Book: talk so he will listen_There’s the woman who seems to know the “secret” ways into a man’s heart. She may not be pretty or sexy, she may be downright plain – but she gets the guy and she keeps him hooked right from her very first word.

Then there’s the woman who is beautiful, confident, and smart – seemingly the ‘perfect package’. She may even be a fantastic speaker, but falls woefully short when it comes to talking to the guys in her life and more importantly getting heard.


Apr 12

Discovering the Mind of a Woman for Conflict Solutions

Book - mind of a woman

 Book - mind of a womanHere is another interesting book for one of our readers to help us understanding part of the conflict between the sexes.  Ken Nair, the author of ‘Discovering the Heart of a Man’ offers unique advice for men wanting to better understand the women in their lives.

Ken Nair gives men the tools they need to learn to really listen to women and teaches them how to recognize prejudices against women that cloud their judgment. This is practical advice for renewing and rebuilding a marriage, even if it seems damaged beyond repair.


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