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Conflict between individual personalities

May 04

3/9a God’s Commissions as the fourth alternative to Evolution or Environment

In our last two posts we set out the basis for the differences and often the disharmony between the genders when it comes to Conflict Solution.  We looked at the common views of about gender differences: we are born with these differences, we learn male and female roles from being in our enviroment or we make choices that lead to male female differences.

In this post we want to explore the Fourth explanation for the unique and special differences between males and females – the original ‘Commission’ from our loving Creator for both males and females.


Apr 21

Personal Worksheet: #3. How Healthy are your Boundaries?

We have been looking at the Family of Origin influences on Personality issues when it comes to handling conflict solutions.  Here is another Personal Worksheet to assess your personal boundaries. 

Connectedness versus Disconnected in your FOO was our first Personal Worksheet.  Then we went onto FOO Flexible versus Inflexible.  Posts and worksheets need to be read and together.  It does help to print off the worksheets before you answer the questions.


Place a  “1”  next to the following questions where they apply to you.

____ 1.  I often feel guilty about not doing enough for my parents or my spouse.

Mar 11

Personal Worksheet – Flexible and Inflexible FOO and Conflict

We have been working on the issues that arise for the early years of marriage.  So far we have discuss how the Family of Origin as one of the biggest contributors for Personality Issues.   Read the post on the Flexible and Inflexible family styles and then answer the following statements.

Answer the following questions on a 1 = never happened in my family to a 5 = very typical of my family.  It will help if you print off a copy of this worksheet.

Statement to be Answered:

1 to 5

  1.  My family has a set pattern for every occasion.

Mar 04

Personal Worksheet: Connectedness in Your Family of Origin?

Begin by reading the third article in this series on how our Family or Origin influences our perspective on Conflict Solutions.  The post talks about the difference between connectedness and disconnection

I have added this personal worksheet to help you evaluate your own Family of Origin issues which might need to be resolved.  It might help to print off a copy of this worksheet.

Answer the following statements on a scale of

1 = hardly ever happened       to       5 = very common in my FOO

Statement to   think About:

1  to  5


Feb 22

3/4 Flexible versus Rigid FOO and Conflict Solutions

 So far in this series on Personality Issues when facing conflicts, we have been looking at the Family or Origin Differences. 

We have discussed how important your Family background is when learning to resolve conflicts.  As we have seen every area of your relationship with our partner is influenced by the family we first knew. 

We have also included a personal worksheet as an example for your own FOO model.

Feb 02

3/3 Disconnected/Enmeshed FOO and Conflict Solutions

Young Father

We have been discussing the factors that influence how you view and handle Conflict Solutions.  So far we have been talking about the impact of the Family of Origin on our Conflict Styles.  Then we went onto how our basic personality influences how we face and resolve conflicts.

In this post, we continue the theme on our FOO and their influence on conflict resolutions.

A.  Our view of all relationships is influenced by the closeness or distance in our FOO.


Feb 01

3/2 Conflict Solutions and our Family of Origin

girl with seashells

In this second post on our Third series of Personality Issues that influence Conflict Solutions, we venture into the complex area of your Family of Origin, or FOO for short. 

Did you read our practical case study enough so you can see the challenges facing our two people?  In this post, we want to examine how our Family of Origin contributes to the happiness – or lack of happiness – in finding Conflict Solutions.

A.  What is our ‘Family of Origin’?

1.   To begin with, our Family of Origin (or FOO) refers to that first and most lasting impact on our views of ourselves. 

Dec 20

3/1 Intro to Conflict Solutions and Personality Issues

male female diff

 In this section, we shall focus on the saying: “To Each Their Own”.   Certainly the fact that we are all unique individuals will influence our Conflict Solutions skills.  Two different people will handle a situation involving disagreement is different ways…but why is that?

What makes you the person you are?  This category in our Blog looks at the 3 main contributors to our personality: Family of Origin, male/female differences and the distinctive individual personality differences.  All three of these combine to make resolution of conflicts more complicated than we often assume.