Jun 13

5/15 Fifteen Expectations for your Relationships

couple6Many of us had little exposure to the opposite sex as we were growing up.  Sure, they sat next to us at school or even teased us in the playgrounds…but to really understand them, that took the wisdom of later years.

Knowing something about our partner or the other sex in relationships is very important.  Without good info, we can form unreal expectations of our spouse.  Many of these expectations are destroyed in the first year of a relationship.  However, it helps to begin with realistic views right from the start.

Here are 15 truths to know before your start any realtionship!

1.  Males are different than females!

2.  Conflict is not the end of your marriage!

3.  Catch your own judgments as they will happen!

4.  There will be times when your ‘Biological clock’ will be very different!

5.  His parents will want some say in your world!

6.  Her parents will want some say in your world!

7.  Team work can be achieved!

8.  Domestic duties can be shared!

9.  Sex won’t always be ‘skyrockets’ and ‘firecrackers’!

10.  He may want his private time and time with his friends!

11.  She may want her private time and time with her friends!

12.  Budgets can be set and agreement reached!

13.  ‘Crossing the river’ to change your level of happiness in marriage takes time.

14.  His Family of Origin will have an impact on your marriage!

15.  Her Family of Origin will have an impact on your marriage!

16.  Being able to communicate with each other will take practice and patience!

17.  Spiritual issues can be negotiated….Mostly!

18.  Just being a male will have an impact on your marriage!

19.  Just being a female will have an impact on your marriage!

20.  There will be times when you will disagree about parenting styles!

 Do any of these sound familiar?  Some lessons will have to be learned the hard way.  …but take the advice of some who has been happily married for over 35 yers, each statement could fill a book.  Work at it and really important – take about these things easily on in your relationship!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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