Aug 09

5/23 Life Law #5: “You can’t change what you won’t Acknowledge.”

Life Stratagies - McGrawWe continue with the Life Law series from Dr. Phil McGraw’s book on ‘Life Strategies’ with the topic of ‘You can’t change what you won’t Acknowledge’.  We have covered other parts of his book and his ‘life laws’ in previous posts.  Life Law #2:  “You either get it or you don’t.” 

Then we talked about ‘Payoffs.  From there, we shared Dr. Phil’s Life Law #3: “You Create your own Experience’.

 In this post, we continue with Dr. Phil’s lessons on finding the kind of life you want:

    Learn to take the responsibility to be truthful to yourself.  What is working and what is not working in your life?  If you don’t take ownership for your role in your own life, no one else can – or will.  Acknowledge your own self-destructive behavior patterns.

When you are motivated to get better, you can identify your problems and know where to focus your efforts.

Avoiding painful subject will not make the subject go away!  If you deceived yourself about the issues, you will not get the results you want.  Denial in its many forms can kill you.  It is not too late to fix what needs fixing but … time slips away from us.  Determine to act now.

All humans have a self-protective defense system, which helps us determine what we can handle and what we do not want to face.    Allowing others to see these ‘blind spots’ can be productive in resolving conflict styles.  Acknowledge the existence of a problem and your part in keeping the problem going.  Find the ‘payoff’ for your behavior.

    You cannot heal what you do not acknowledge. 

 We trust these valuable insights can help you deal with the issues you find in your life right now.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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