Jan 11

9/1 Handling Conflict Solutions with Teens and Children

Children are at the mercy of parents, especially if their parents are without boundaries or limits when it comes to fighting.   They absorb the emotional and verbal atmosphere they find around them.  This impacts their whole lives, even into their teen and adult years.

I am sure anyone who has seen the tantrum scene with a 5 year old and her Mother will appreciate that there are ways to help children learn to control their own impulses and behaviour.  …but how are young mums – or even grandparents and other caregivers –  supposed to learn such skills unless those around them take the time to help?

Can they learn new habits before children enter the world of teens, adults and jobs? We spend more time teaching Maths, science and other (important) subjects in schools than learning the basics of relationships.

Teaching children communication skills can happen in an environment of encouragement and love. Teaching reflective listening, sharing emotions and using concepts to help them take responsibility for their issues are essential to healthy conflicts.  Children and teens can learn these skills early to avoid the major issues later in life.

However, they need good role models and others who show a healthy interest in their needs.  Join us for these posts from good sources, guests and books along with practice help to face Conflict Solutions with Teenagers and children,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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1 comment

  1. daniel

    Hello Susanne
    Thanks for sharing this material!
    If only we were taught this at high school!

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