May 23

5/12 Guest Post – Ana Hoffman on arriving at a great Marriage

ResourcesEveryone struggles in their marriage at some time or another. The difference between those who ‘thrown in the towel’ and give up and those to stick it and comes down to one simple piece of advice: Stay with it and practice your marriage skills!

Ok, the question is how . . . How do you do it when all seems lost in the forest of grumbles and complaints, the darkness of doubt if this is the right one or …. a thousand others fears and thoughts.

…but you know what …. it isn’t talent that makes it happen.

It’s something for more important, far more powerful, and NOT in short supply.

It’s the simple willingness to practice, make mistakes, say sorry and then try again.

It’s just falling.
Getting up. Falling. Getting up. Falling.
Getting up. Etc . . .

…. and that’s something anyone can do, but the harsh reality is most people want rewards without effort.

Sure, we need to see the fruits of just trying again, praying again and then all the trying harder stuff. It doesn’t happen without work.

If you need someone to pat you on the back before you earn it, you’ll be needing it

Forget about talent. Forget about what you don’t have. Forget about how good someone
else may seem to be at their relationships.

None of that matters. All that does, is having the intestinal fortitude to get started and not stop till you’re there.

Fall down. Scrape your knee. Get up and start going again because you believe in something more than you can see – the eventual rewards of a good marriage.

Far more important than talent is drive and the willingness to practice what you so choose to master. That’s the only way forward as it doesn’t happen without that practice.

Sometimes, you do this, with the help of a good teacher on your side, and one day, sooner than later, your partner will thank you for your persistence. You both have tried to make it and, sure enough, life is so much better because you both hung in there!

Never thought it would happen to me in my marriage, but here I am. Married for 37 years and you know what, I would do it all over again. I would chose my Daniel and be thankful for every minute we have together.

You can find your marriage happier too.


Thanks Ana for the inspiration to write this post!
Ana Hoffman show us some great examples of what can be done.  Her website is :

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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