Apr 08

5/2 Intro to Conflict solutions for the Early Years

couple6There are many unique issues when two people begin a relationship, such as moving in together or starting their marriage.  If you’re facing the decision of a life time, wouldn’t you want to have all the info you needed to survive?  What if you knew that one in every five people who entered this decision would fail, wouldn’t you want as much help to succeed as possible?

Maybe you would read books or find a mentor or someone who not only had succeeded but was very happy in the situation they had chosen.  Well help is here! …or you can learn the hard way.  Whatever you chose,  you can do benefit by following others who might have had to learn the hard way that “Relationships and Marriage is what you both make it!”

Most people enter relationships and marriage knowing more about how to drive their car than how to make the relationship work!  If you are looking for someone to show you how to get from the romantic stage, past the pain of confusion, aggravation and doubt onto a relationship that can thrive and grow for both people, then you can save yourself the pain and join us.

It is important to understand the pitfalls most new relationships fall into.  Learn to see the signs when it is your own FOO issues rather than repeat the past   Then, you need to explore the all important and necessary tools to solve those grinding conflicts.  Learning to keep the bottom line reasons for the relationship helps too.  It helps to practice the numerous ways to say “I respect you and don’t take you for granted.”  What are the 5 main reasons why a couple calls it quits to a good relationship?  What can you do and how can you repair the damage already done?

All of these are the issues we want to discuss in this category of Conflict Solutions.

So if you are about to enter a new relationship or start the first year of your marriage – whether you aremale female diff 18 or 80 – or you know someone who would benefit from the wisdom of those who have survived happily for over 35 years in a growing marriage, you’ve found the right place.

Or maybe you have survived – at whatever level – and would like a better relationship with your roommates, friends or spouse, than this Conflict Solution Blog is for you!  Help yourself avoid the undeniable pain of adjusting to the early times in a relationship or to that first year and enjoy more of the pleasure you’re both looking forward to.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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