Jan 11

6/1 Conflict Solutions in the Early Years of Marriage

The early years of marriage bring special and unique conflicts, whether you’re 20 or 65.  We need to learn these Conflict Solution skills more than ever as the honeymoon ends and a marriage begins.  Although by the time the honeymoon arrives, if the newly married couple hasn’t learned to talk through issues then the battles begin.

Certainly old habits have to be changed…and how easy is that to do for any of us?  Becoming a married couple rather than just ‘two singles in a married state’ is a goal that can be reached.

Facing control issues from different Family of Origin backgrounds is also a challenge.  Sharing household duties and shopping, goals for money investment and then for some…the arrival of children often push couples in despair and discouragement.

Again there are healthy Solutions for every area but the question becomes – do couple want to talk about the issues or find themselves before Divorce judges when bitter words have failed.  Crossing the line between just married and enjoying marriage can be a big jump but it is possible to make that a goal as both people work on their own Conflict Solutions.

We have put together a ‘made up case study’ as a practical way to see how finding Conflict Solutions needs to be the aim for this special group of people.  So join us to see how Chelsea and Jacko learn how to live as that ‘happily ever after’ scenario we see in the movies,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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