Jan 11

7/1 Conflict solutions within Families

We all grow up with a family – or for some of us, it was more than one family.  Whatever your situation, you cannot remove the influence of this environment.

This influence during our first years of life will follow us throughout life.  This life view is here as a foundation when we learn about life, our self worth and our trust in others.

We can’t choose the family we were born into; that was God’s choice.  We can’t go back and chose different siblings or grandparents.  We couldn’t chose our time in history or other basis things about our life.  There will be benefits for this birth family ….and realistically, some downsides as well. 

If this first family, or families, were negative, inflexible or enmeshed, we will find these same attitudes follow us into other relationships, work situations and attitudes about life.  For others, it might mean overly flexible or disconnected family rules left us trying to find proper boundaries and our place in life.

Being an adult means we find solutions for such issues and continue to grow in healthy ways.  We can continue to use the same solutions as we learned in our Family or Origin – and that’s OK if we learned healthy skills.  However, most of us have strengths and areas where we can learn new skills for a better relationship with others – and with yourself.

These are some of the topics we will address in this intro section of our blog on Conflict Solutions.

Join us when we explore the conflicts within family as a way of seeing Conflict Solutions,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author           

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