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communication skillsWelcome to our Special Sales items!  On this page, you will find our FREE eBook Section, the $2.95 eBooks Section and our special $5.95 section, all written personally by Susanne Fengler. 

Let’s begin with the FREE eBooks section:

1. “Reclaiming the Foundations of our Faith” – This This 8 part series looks at the building blocks of the Christian faith.

We start with “Who is Jehovah God?”. from the beginnings of all beginnings to the work of our Creator today, His nature, Character, ways He has shown Himself and what “The Greatest Rescue Story ever Written” is unfolding.

Next in this series, we go onto “Then Creation and Fall of the Human Race”, “Who is the Person Jesus Christ of Nazareth?”, then to “The Work of the Holy Spirit”, “You – the New Creation”, “The Church and your Place in the Body”, “How we Have the Bible we Have Today” and “God’s Time Line”, including end time events.

Each chapter is an individual eBook so you can download them all or just the ones you are interested in knowing more about.

Coming Soon!


  2. Has God touched your life?  Have you ever thought about being a genuine ‘Jesus Follower’?  What Personal Cleansing2needs to happen for every Christian who wants a deeper walk with their Creator – irregardless of which ‘box’ you attend as a church?

These questions and more are answered in the eBook on ‘Personal Spiritual Cleansing’.

We have provided a practical outline to help you reach a spiritual understanding with your Heart and mind for continued growth in the 62 page eBook.

To download this eBook, go to this post: ____________

It’s coming!



3.  ‘What wrong with the Occult?’  Another Personal Cleansing Editionarrow_curved_2_left

So why should be so concerned about this topic when many people swear that they found their healing or enlightenment through such practices?

Please note is NOT a matter of Eastern practices versus Western practices. Some ‘Western practices’ may be just as idolatrous as their Eastern counterpart!

Where do ‘Jesus followers’ stand when faced with the New Age influences creeping into our society?  What info can we find to defend the reasons why God dose not approve of the accepted practices we find around us?  What is His answer to our physical and spiritual illness and discomforts?  Come find some answers in this 30 page FREE eBook!

To download this eBook, go to this post: ____________

It’s coming!



4. Understanding the Spiritual Gifts!

When the Lord Jesus ascended to Heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit …and gave Gifts to His Church.  These Gifts are meant to be used TODAY as well…but what are they?  How do you know the Guidelines for their use? 

What is your Gift? How do you receive your Gift and learn to practice this precious Gift??

Then, how do you use these Gifts and what benefits are there to the community of believers?  You’ll find these answers and more in our 30 page eBook.

To download this eBook, go to this post: ____________

It’s coming!



 5. Understanding the Purpose of Pain

How can a ‘God of Love’ allow the pain and suffering in the world around us?  What’s behind the whole purpose of Life?

You find some answers in this 54 page eBook on ‘The Purpose of Pain’.

We cannot avoid some painful experiences while we live in this human body.  Pain will come to all of us’ it’s how we handle the pain when it comes.  It can either make us ‘burnt bitter’ or ‘refined like gold’ – the choice is often ours alone.

To download this eBook, go to this post: _____________

It’s coming!



6.  ‘What’s Wrong with the Involvement in the Freemason Organization?’

     So why should be so concerned about this topic? Many people from all over the world have been involved with the “…..good works‟ from the Freemasons.  Aren’t they just another social organization with ‘men’s games’?

Here is a special 30 page report by Susanne and Pastor Stuart Robinson, looking at the origins, beliefs and levels found within this secret organization – that in reality is far from ‘a harmless activity’. This 30 page report answers some of these concerns.

To download this eBook, go to this post:  _______________

It’s coming!



You will find ALL THESE EBOOKS in our Special $2.95 Section!  coffee

In fact, some of these eBooks are already being translated into 5 Languages: German, Russian, Hindi. Spanish and Indonesian. 

So spread the word! Yes, for less than a cup of coffee, you can order some very practical, valuable eBooks for your own benefit for just $2.95!

So What is Good Mental Health? 

After some 20 years counselling, here are some of the areas I have investigated and see as essential for good mental health.


1. We all face Grief and Loss: Think of the personal pain and confusion when someone goes through  the loss and grief of griefebookan expected death.  What can be done?  There are ways to help others through this…..and even to find answers for yourself. We all face loss and grief! 

Learning how to see the signs of grief that gets stuck and can’t be resolved sometimes needs help.This eBook can be there when you face your own grief and loss journey.

‘Understanding the Grief and Loss Journey’ to your list of important eBooks.   Check the video on YouTube:    http://youtu.be/ta_152ulXVA To buy this eBook or for further information, check out this post:

Buy it here on PayPal!  To buy this eBook or for further information, check out this post: ____________

It’s coming!


osteoecover2. Facing the Issues of Osteoporosis’Let’s face it, the Older Generation will need help …. and that might include you in that group someday!

Here are some figures from Wikipedia:

Half of all women and one-third of men over 60 in Australia will have a fracture due to osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis is a major public health issue which afflicts 55% of Americans aged 50 and above.

It is estimated that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 12 men over the age of 50 worldwide have osteoporosis. ‘Osteo’ is responsible for millions of fractures annually.

So we have written a Special eBook on ‘Facing the Issues of Osteoporosis’. To buy this eBook or for further information, check out this post:  ____________

Check us out on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/QZ_KvFQcpmo

Buy it here on this Blog through PayPal!

It’s coming!




3. ‘Managing Stress to Prevent Burnout’ –  ‘Managing Stress to Prevent Burnout’.   Nothing takes its toll on the body like stress. In addition to the mental damage that it causes, stress is also linked to many diseases, including cancer.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, most of us are experiencing a stressful life with no way to get out of it – or so we think.

However, we can learn to react to stress in a positive manner and take control of the situation rather than allowing the stress to remain in control.

This eBook on “Managing Stress to  Avoid Burnout“, will teach you different tips as well as old secrets on how to identify the stresses in your life and to learn how to manage them.  This eBook will have some answers for you.

Check us out on YouTube:   http://youtu.be/f3zeEufpKvg

To buy this eBook or for further information, check out this post:  ____________  Buy it here on this Blog with PayPal!        

 http://youtu.be/f3zeEufpKvg     To buy this eBook or for further information, check out this post: ____________

It’s coming!



4. “Anxiety and Panic Attacks”  –   Psychologists have given a label to people who live with a continual, undercurrent of anxiety3anxiety and worry.

Often people who suffer from ‘Generalized Anxiety Disorders’ do not know they have the condition until they wind up in the emergency room of the local hospital, experiencing symptoms of what appears to be a heart attack.

How can we deal with Panic attracts and the fear based disorders?

We cover the definitions, the causes and influences of the major categories of Anxiety disorders, including Panic /attacks, GAD, Obsessive-Compulsions Disorders, Social Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You’ll find some answers in our special  eBook.

Check us out on YouTube:     http://youtu.be/P8nu5q2D9Uc To buy this eBook or for further information, check out this post: _________

Buy it here on this Blog through PayPal!   It’s coming!


**000**ChildCover 200

  5. “Understanding the Inner Child” –  www.mentorsnotebook.com explores the concepts behind the psychological term‘The Inner Child’.  What is meant by this term?

How does the Inner Child get started?  How can we learn to ‘re-parent’ the possible different child personalities we might find in a fractured or even a dis-associative network?

Then we have included Several worksheets in this  eBook as a way of evaluating what might be happening in your world regarding the traumas of your own childhood. 

For more information and to buy this eBook, check this post: _________

Check us out on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/I0_LonENEYc         Buy it here on this Blog with PayPal!

It’s coming!



  6. “So what is Self-Talk?” self-talk cover2

Our ‘Mind Chatter’ is often just below our conscience thought.  It can be self-destructive or building good health.  It all begins as children and still greatly shapes our world today.

Some is true but most ‘negative’ self-talk in false and distorted….yet we still act on these beliefs.

How do you overcome the negative, self-rejecting inner mind chatter?  Can we be free to see ourselves the way our Creator designed us to be?  Add this eBook to your collection as a way of looking at your own story through a child’s eyes.

Catch us on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/Eu3Kdwg_eR0

For more information and to buy this eBook, check this post: _________

You can buy it here on this Blog with PayPal! 

It’s coming!

**000**inner cover (2)

  7. “Learn to Nurture your Inner Health” –   Most of us are short on time and wisdom.

The purpose ofthis eBook, ‘Learn to Nurture Your Inner Health’ is to help you take the time and give yourself the tools and space to stop and reflectively process life in a step by step method.

Before any change can happen you need to know where you are and where you are going. We can help the will to be willing in this process.


We devoted a chapter to ‘Body Awareness’ as the stress of change often hits the body the hardest. Then where are your emotions, your mind and spirit to consider when you want to change?   That’s over 96 pages of insights, practical exercises and worksheets in this valuable eBook!  To have more info on this eBook, go to this post: _______________

Check you out on YouTube:   http://youtu.be/IdKG9K0JisQ       Buy it here on this Blog with PayPal!

It’s coming!


girl at computer

  8.  Coming Soon:What your Dad Didn’t tell you about the Opposite Sex!  This is an area that needs to be discussed!   See what Mentors and Counsellors Daniel and Susan Fengler have learned in their 25+ years of helping singles, couples and families.

To buy this eBook or for further information, check out this post:  ______________

When it is finished, you can buy this eBook on this blog through PayPal.





The Personally written eBook in our Special $5.95 section.  

Blue_forward1.  Our FIRST NOVEL:Tamar cover

An historical novel:   ‘Guardians of a Promise: Tamar’s Story’ holds Tamar and Judah under the magnifying glass to see if they will follow what is before them – or if Judah takes the easy path to do nothing.

For Tamar, it is the challenge of bringing Judah to honour his promises.   For Judah, it includes becoming the leader he is meant to be. However, the great thread in our story is that of Jehovah God’s plans to continue the generational line for His Seed, the Messiah that would come through Judah’s line.

His plans are entwined with the hopes and dreams of this young girl and that of a lost leader. She realised how she had been trained as a child to smother and bury her emotions, especially annoyance and anger.  She saw those same patterns in her adult life. So how does Tamar grow into the woman who takes charge of her life and sleeps with Judah….a produces the child in the inheritance line of King David, of King Solomon and the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth?

To buy this eBook or for further information, check out this post:


You have several Choices on how you but this eBook!

1. You can find this book on Kindle Amazon.com.  to purchase here.        Or contact me at: www.amazon.com/author/susannefengler   This is where you would get the eBook for your Kindle, but without pictures!

2. You can buy the eBook through Fiverr.com, but I only get $4.00 out of each sale:    www.fiverr.com/users/susanne72  but you will have pictures here!

3. Or you can buy it through PayPal on this blog for $5.95.  www.thebookaboutyou.mentorsnotebook.com

 Remember – I’ll send you a Free Chapter!  Email me at

Some day, you will find this Historical Novel in our Special eBook section, translated into 6 languages!  English, Hebrew, German, Russian, Hindi. Spanish and Indonesian.


Blue_forward2. ‘At the Time of her Death: Suicide Intervention’www.mentorsnotebook.com presents a Special Report into the reasons, common factors and stats on suicide.

We explore the questions about teen suicide – Are they the highest risk group and what can be done about their issues?  What influence does bullying have on suicide?  See the book on YouTube: http://youtu.be/h-0oGA-hn6Y

Then what about helping someone terminate their What are the signs of someone thinking about suicide? life with assisted suicide?  What’s your view?

You have several choices to buy this book:

1. You’ll find us on: www.amazon.com/author/susannefengler   This is the Kindle version for your Kindle ipad.  You won’t have pictures with this version.  It sells for $5.95, depending on where the Aussie dollar is to the USA dollar.

2.  Or you can buy it through PayPal on this blog for $5.95 …. and you will have pictures on this version!

Buy it here on this blog through PayPal!      To buy this eBook or for further information, check out this post:   (Soon)

Soon,  we will be translating this book into 5 languages!   English, German, Russian, Hindi. Spanish and Indonesian.


3. Fidelity and Marriage Commitment –   Coming Soon – or check out this post:   _______male female tug of war____


4. “What your Dad Didn’t tell you about the Opposite Sex” – Coming Soon!


You can visit our other Blogs while you wait:

www.christianfoundations.jesus-treeoflife.info …… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__rdol6E7NA


www.totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog …… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6x8yhOQ7EM

 www.conflictsolutions.mentorsnotebook.com …… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0zPWRzpWNU

As you can see, we are also in the process of finishing this Page! We will be adding FREE new eBooks all the time.  Come back and find us when we have it all finished!

Right now, you are on    http://conflictsolutions.mentorsnotebook.com

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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