Dec 20

3/1 Intro to Conflict Solutions and Personality Issues

 In this section, we shall focus on the saying: “To Each Their Own”.   Certainly the fact that we are all unique individuals will influence our Conflict Solutions skills.  Two different people will handle a situation involving disagreement is different ways…but why is that?

What makes you the person you are?  This category in our Blog looks at the 3 main contributors to our personality: Family of Origin, male/female differences and the distinctive individual personality differences.  All three of these combine to make resolution of conflicts more complicated than we often assume.

First off, our Family or Origin sets the stage for all basic reactions and decisions.  If you grew up in an enmeshed, inflexible family unit, you will view the world through these filters.  Coming from an overly changeable and boundary-less world as a child brings alternative ways of seeing freedom and the need for personal space. 

The next huge difference in Conflict Solution styles come from the foundations of male-female differences.  An interesting book I read recently was called ‘Women are like spaghetti and men are like waffles’.  Of course not all men more all women fit the stereotyped male and female image we see in cartoons.  However, the way we see the world around us is shaped by our gender and intuitive/logical stance many people take in the areas of disagreement and conflict.

The third are that always colours Conflict Solutions will be our individual personality.  Introvert…extrovert, easy going or needing the constraints of tight boundaries …all have an input to resolving situations where compassion and give-and-take are needed.  How we view the issues and the urgency to solve the problems again are seen through the lens of our own vies on life.

This category for our Blog brings new insight into why we all respond in the way we do with others in conflict.  We have included many personal worksheets for this area as we all need to see our own views better to understand how others see their own world.

So, join me as we look at the influence of Personality on Conflict Solutions,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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