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Jan 05

4/1. Better Communication and Conflict Solution Skills

 As we have already pointed out in our posts for Conflict solutions, we learn more about changing a flat tyre or getting a good resume’ together than about how to resolve the most important relationships issues in our life!  Where did you learn your skills to share and relate to others?  Like all of us, your first examples were your parents, your siblings and then your peers.

Communication happens when the message we mean is the message we say…and the other person hears that message. Many blocks stop that communication process from happening. What we mean isn’t always what we say or what someone hears. This section explores the most common pitfalls and how to communicate clearly with our spouse.

Deep emotions surface in times of dispute for all of us.  Even here, there are healthy ways to handle your emotions so that the environment doesn’t become ‘toxic’ with unsaid hostility.  You have a need and a responsibility to know your boundaries.  However, even with that said, what do you need to know to help guide others into healthy solutions?

It’s never too late to learn new skills!  Here is a safe way to read and try and practice different ways to communicate and share with others by reading this Blog.  You can read and see your own ‘roadblocks’ to listening without ever leaving your desk or work station. 

Learning to really listen – something few people really do – is valuable but how do you learn to do this when your whole world seems to be colliding with another?  Working out the win-win solutions aren’t always as easy as they look on paper.  We all have invested ‘payoffs’ in the way things run to keep the peace.  Some of those techniques are damaging to resolving conflicts while other ways may be more appropriate.

How have you already learned to work with and be responsible for those people who seem hard to get in a group?  ….those super-independent ones who have trouble working as a team?  What are good group management skills to help your team talk through the sticking points of a project?  Then what about when you are expected by authority to do more than is comfortable?  There are healthy ways even here to take your stand and be the healthy person you need to be.

This category also contains personal resources and guest posts to share other’s journey in this sometimes rugged territory.  So again join us with learning Healthy Communication Skills as we find Conflict Solutions,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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