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Dec 20

The Heart of Healthy Conflict Resolution

So what do we need to know to face and resolve these inevitable conflicts in our world?  What skills are we missing and need to replace with the dysfunction self-talk, self-defensive and unhealthy fight styles?  Since each person is different, this section will concentrate on how the attitude toward conflict greatly influences its outcome.

If I fear conflict because of my past experiences or the Family or Origin conflicts I may have witnessed, then my first response with be to either ‘fight or flight’.  Again, most of us have seen such reactions and how this can become the usual way to avoid the real solutions behind the conflict.  It then becomes easy to ‘sweep it under the carpet’ or to try and control others to stop the conflict.

Building strong Resolution skills requires experience, practice, determination and the willingness to work toward making life better. From our experience as Christian Counsellors for over 25 years, it is possible to aim for this goal: to build a strong marriage and strong relationships with others around us. With this as a foundation, people can face storms and great times, disasters and anything life throws at them ….and survive.

Without this determination to work on learning how to resolve conflicts, weakness results ….and failure can be the end result. Much of the results are in our hands. What will you do now to make your Conflict Resolution skills better to survive the tough times? Remember you work on the roof in good weather rather than when the storms and rain comes. Becoming ‘intentional’ in learning new skills is part of the key to a happier, less stress filled life.

We shall cover problem solving, setting conflict rules, learning about boundaries and finding your personal styles. Helping each couple face and work to a willingness for a compromise but better yet, a ‘win-win’ solution is the goal.

So join us as we set down some foundations for what are healthy attitudes and responses to the inevitable conflicts around you, whether at home, at work or with people in general,

Susanne Fengler, Blog author

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