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May 26

3/10 Conflict Solutions Summary of Male Female Differences

In this part of our series, we have been focusing on causes of conflict and some of the Solutions.  So far, we have covered the other Two big causes of conflict: our Family of Origin and the Differences between Males and Females.

It would be helpful at this point to wrap up this section with a summary of what we have covered so far.  As we pointed out, not all males are all females match the ‘sterotyped ideas of males and females’.  We used the ‘Bell shaped curve’ as the research example that ‘most’ males and ‘most’ females fit.

While being a male or a female is set in our genes, much of the character and personality of the individual can be molded and shaped by the environment around us.  However, there is a wide range of ‘typical’ behaviour patterns that will influences males and females when we find ourselves in conflict.

Typical of some of these patterns came from our Guest Writer, a Counsellor and Mentor for over 20 years.  He discussed the area of ‘Understanding Women – a Male Perspective’.  Each person needs to see the other sex with a new perspectives to help resolve conflicts.

Next, we discussed how sexuality influences conflicts, especially the differences in sexual perseption and responsiveness.  As out Guest post pointed out, ‘Women are not just males in a female body’ but uniques and both sexes need to understand better where the other person really lives.

We gave two examples of books that might be of interest to our readers: 

1.  Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps by Allan Pease and Barbara Pease (Apr 15, 2006)       (2 customer reviews)Formats:                                                                                                Price:                                        New:                           Used:

Paperback                               $1.43                            $1.98

Hardcover:                 $26.00

Other Formats:   Paperback; Audio CD

2.  Men Are Like Waffles–Women Are Like Spaghetti: Understanding and Delighting in Your Differences by Bill Farrel and Pam Farrel (Feb 1, 2007)

(34 customer reviews)

Formats:                                                                                Price:                           New:                                       Used

Paperback                 $11.19                        $2.47

Other Formats: Audio CD; Audible Audio Edition

One source sent us a slightly ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humorous list of rules Guys wished that Girls knew.  Anyone want to respond with ’32 things Girls wish Guys knew?

From there, we returned to areas of common conflict.  Understanding the biological basic for sexual disagreements help us to see a better alternative to conflict.  We talked through the 3 common views as to how these differences began:  evolution, the family environment or due to the genes we inherit from our parents.

However, we also through in a fourth view, that of the Biblical view of the different commissions given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Genesis 2:15.

Since we are discussing Solutions for these differences, we saw how such differences can be the basis for appreciating each other’s differences.  Skills in relationships or single focus to ways most males and females handle their conflicts were explored.  In broad terms, ‘Boys like things and girls like people; boys compete while most girls co-operate’. 

We added a YouTube video and a news item from ‘’ discussing the male female brain differences.

So now, we venture into the next section in Conflict Solutions: how our Personality Differences influence our view of conflicts in our world. 

Join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

P.S.  Remember we have three other blogs you might like to visit:  – a Christian view of our personality,

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