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Apr 21

3/7e “So why are Males Important in this World?”

Well, that’s an interesting question to begin with. In fact that was exactly what one of my Mentor people asked in in all seriousness.  Having a rocky relationship with her brothers, male cousins and guys at work, here heart was really serious.  “Aren’t they just more trouble than they’re worth?”

So as we explore the Male Female differences that lead to conflicts, this is a valid questions and one we need to explore as we journey through to Total Wholeness!


Remember, we are not talking about more valuable – just different.  Most males excel at skills directly related to their God-given commission.  Males were designed to be ‘hunter-gatherers’, the ones who hunted and protected the village from the lion.

1.  Most males are better orientated toward problem solving, rational and logical mind functions.

Most males show better spatial and locational skills, such as reading maps, finding destinations and travelling by street signs.  Most women travel by recognising landmarks.

2.  Being able to concentrate on one thing at a time means that more often, males complete one job well.

An example is a receptionist’s reactions when expected to do more than one job at a time.

“As we approached Jackie’s desk at Reception, she was on the phone.  Keeping an eye on her boss’ door for his last appoint to leave …. and minding the computer’s steady flow of email messages.  With one free hand, she motioned us forward, glanced at the appointment book, smiled and graciously pointed to the lounge suite to her right.  ‘I’ll bring you coffee in a minute,’ she managed to say between hearing and answering questions on the phone.”

Most women are better at multi-tasking than most males.  How might it be different if we approached most male receptionists?  Perhaps, again this is part of the God-given commission for Eve to be able to help Adam with the overall care of the Garden of Eden.  It certainly helps when being the primary care-given with three small children, dinner to cook and pets needing to be taken care of as well.

3.  If women measure males by their own genetic and biological measuring stick, many males are seen as crude, insensitive and ‘… thick as a brick…’.

It is very important than we not ‘measure’ males by the standards females set for themselves.  Social upbringing, genetics and nurturing all combine to make most women more multi-task oriented than males, even before they reach the teen years.

Actually, most males do have thicker physical skins than most females.  Culturally, preparing males to be the warriors and soldiers for many centuries required them to show less emotions, to bury their feelings about war and killing the enemy deep within to carry out their duties as soldiers.

Even in today’s culture, if you are able to watch a typical year 9 boy at school, what would they be doing with their recess and lunch time?  ….usually rough-housing, playing sports or ….   Most Year 9 girls on the other hand, would be more social, more interacting with their friends and those around them.  All this combines to keep males in their ‘boxes’, less sensitive to the women in their world …. unless they have sister….. but that’s another story.

4.  Social Pressures reinforce the Differences between males and females

Along with the biological differences, social conditioning also influences male / female differences.

Certainly, the way society treats boys and girls only accentuates the God-given differences.  Studies show that Biology influences our gender roles more than just begin ‘conditioned’ by social stereotypes.  It is a combination of these factors rather than one or the other.  Since, we need to see the other piece of the puzzle on male female differences – the God given element that makes males as valuable as females, and females as valuable as males.


To sum up:   most females work with relationship, verbal and nonverbal communication and teamwork.  Most males are good at problem solving, competition and single focus tasks.  In broad terms, ‘Boys like things and girls like people; boys compete while most girls co-operate’.  Most men want to ‘go to their cave’, climb up on their rock to solve problems.

Word to the wise – Women who follow them usually get kicked off!  Males and females do perceive the world – and how to solve their issues – in different ways.  In some ways, females are ‘aliens’ to the way males see the world… but that’s part of why we need to work together, to match the gifting to enhance relationships rather than reject the differences between the sexes.

Our aim in presenting this material is not to prove one sex is better than the other, or that one is more capable than the other, but to improve relationships between the sexes.  There are God-given, biological and social reasons why men and women are unique and pre-programmed to behave in certain ways.  The secular world would have us believe that it is just our genes, or our environment and social conditioning that dictates gender ‘culture’.  However, there is a third stream – God’s creation.

The aim of this teaching has been to restore women and men into their place of what God intended for them to be.  The heart of the Father is to see His creation and especially the family, protected and cherished.  His plans are for both males and females are to thrive and grow by following His principles.  He certainly does not see the battle of the sexes as normal, or as joke material and the basis for media dollars.  This only promotes the dysfunctions that families continue into the next generation.

In our next post, we shall discuss the Fourth reason why males and females are so different.  Join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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