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Feb 13

6/30 Mutual servanthood is the goal for Conflict solutions

male female questionsServanthood is a foreign concept to much of the ‘me-first’ world around us.  Certainly, this was broken since the first couple in the Garden o Eden.  True servanthood was demonstrated by Jesus Christ when He was here on earth.  Few notable examples have emerged since His day.

To understand what servanthood’ means, we need to pull the very word apart.

Then, what are the basic principles we can learn from this study on Male Female differences?  What is the heart of the Battle between the sexes?

  1. The Submissive Attitude is for Every Believer.

Submission is not just for us wives so that husbands can do their own thing.  It is for all believers.  Why will this ideal attitude bring His mission to Earth?

We are to win the world by being a mirror. 5. To win the world by our “…chase and gentle behaviour”, I Peter 3:1-6.   Become a mirror.

  1. Recognise and Deal with the Basic Old Nature in Ourselves.

As Believers, we need to face our own part in the process of rebellion against God and our use of self as the source of life.

Understand the difference between the roots and the fruits of the old nature, Gal.   Try to deal always with roots rather than ‘just try harder’ to solve the problem.  The more I recognise the old nature in my own life, the less I feel the guilt, shame and pull attached to the fruits of the old nature

  1. Learn to UNDO the issues between the sexes BY DOING THE OPPOSITE of what Adam and Eve did!
  2. It is never about the “Doormat” Philosophy?

God never designed either sex to become the ‘doormat’ without the God-given honour that comes with being His creation!  When we see that the Doormat view is not valid, we have only two choices:  Manipulate or withdraw – or learn to do things His way.

Two common reactions from men: give away their authority in apathy, or to take his authority in domination, force and apply his will – Godly or not.

  1. Know the Battle Lines.

As wives where is our Responsibility?

Battle of the sexes is over the rod of authority – who has the authority to have the authority?  Eve was family or origindeceived into thinking she could act outside of God’s established patterns of authority.  However, Adam knew exactly what he was doing when he rebelled against God’s established patterns of authority.

The battlefield is still over who has the authority to use their authority.  This is the heart of the curse between Adam and Eve.  By yielding to Jesus in our lives, this breaks that curse supernaturally.  Then this allows us a choice on how we will live.  Will we follow that old, sinful nature inherited by Adam and Eve- or will we follow Father God’s plan for our lives?

Under Christ, we both have the authority to serve, but with different God-given responsibilities.

  1. By nature, we females are Rescuers.

Jesus was not a rescuer.  He did only what the Father told Him to do.  He lived by the principles of God.  If anyone could have rescued the world He way, it was Jesus!  We get the mate we attract for many reasons.  Rescuers tend to attract those who want to be rescued.

As females, we must face the ‘Cliff Rescuer View’ to release our tendency to take the authority to act.  Then means often we have to let someone fall over the cliff before they are ready to deal with their own issues.  Interesting!

To find that balance between males and females, this servanthood must be restored as the body of Christ.  A man serves women differently than women serve a man.  Our concepts of maleness and femaleness are different and influenced by the entrance of sin into the world.  Males and females both have mutual authority to serve the other.  God’s authority presupposes a difference between the two.  It is this difference we need to see and to use for the benefit of the relationship.  The challenge is for equal authority and responsibility but with God’s selected roles and authority for each gender.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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