Oct 21

6/45 So we finish the series “What your Dad didn’t Tell you”!

We have been discussing the essential differences between males and females in the ‘War of the Sexes’. Wemale female questions began the series with the title ‘What your Dad didn’t tell you about the Opposite sex’.  We’ve spent 44 posts, quite a few book reviews and YouTube videos to make the point that males and females need to understand each other better.

We discussed the 7 main areas of misunderstanding that seem to cause the battle of the sexes between males and females. Here are the following topics we covered in this series:

  1. The first big mistake both sexes make is thinking ‘Females are just males in female body’. We are different both by nature and by nurture. Too many men and women have problems seeing and understanding the difference!

Here is a YouTube to make the point about differences:

“5 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex”


  1. The second are we looked into is that ‘Opposites Attract’. Believe it or not, sometimes opposites can complement each other but other times, it’s cats and dogs at war. How do we appreciate the difference and build healthy relationships with the opposite sex?
  2. Thirdly, the difference in the Intuitive versus Rational thinking patterns. Most females work on an intuitive basis while most males adapt problems in logical thinking. It’s not right or wrong …..just that there is a big difference. Again learning to communicate helps in learning team work.
  3. Then the fourth difference is the ‘Parallel versus Serial behaviours and thinking patterns’. One tracked minds or doing more than one thing at a time? Here many conflicts happen where we need to value to other’s point of view and learn to communicate better.
  4. Next the fifth area, the ‘Difference in the Logic versus the response of the Emotions’. Over-thinking issues versus seeing in black or white. Here is an interesting YouTube on ‘Over analysing’.

“You Should Stop Over-Analysing Everything”


However, girls do the same thing: “5 Texts Girls Over Analyse!”


6. Then we faced the ‘Relationship focus versus the Problem solving’. Are we team orientation or independent in relationships?

7. The Fragile versus the Thick skinned approach to others. Most women have a thinner ‘skin’, especially when it comes to conflicts. Why is this so and what can be done about resolution when in conflict?


We trust these posts, books and videos have helped you understand the opposite sex. This is especially important so that the next generation won’t be exposed to all the things their Dad or Mom (you my reader) haven’t told them

In our next series, we continue with the theme of Conflict Solutions but looking at the series “How to fight fair in love and Marriage”.   So please join us for this important series. We will apply these principles, books and posts both to singles, dating couples and to those already with the love of their life.

Learning these principles and practicing them will guarentee a better relationship and understand of the opposite sex!

P.S.   Here are a few more of the over-analysing YouTube videos I found for your enjoyment:

“The Dangers Of Overthinking” by ‘Mikethecanadain’ and his 15 video collection:

Grounded for Life Diet Coke (overthinking)

Thanks for joining us on this series: “What your Dad didn’t tell you about the Opposite sex”!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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