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Apr 25

3/7f Males and Females from a Biological Point of View


In this post, we consider the complicated issues relating to the longest running war in history: the battle between the sexes.

 There is plenty of pain, confusion and conflict connected with the discussion of sex roles – even among Christians.

We need to understand the dynamics behind the Garden story in Genesis, to see God’s point of view and help sort out any confusion.  Many of the consequences of Adam and Eve’s actions still affect us today.

The main theme of this session is that Men and Women are different – not better or worse, more valuable or less valuable.  This unit is not ‘politically correct’, according to the world’s thinking, but we Christians need to address the issues raised in these controversial topics.

Ever noticed how the cultures of other religions treat their women?  If it wasn’t for Jesus and His message about God’s grace and love, we women today would be treated in less equal ways than we are today.  Our Aussie culture could have developed from Islam and the way they treat their women.  Thankfully, Jesus brought a different message!  We need to be thankful for the freedom we have in Jesus.


1.  Different, equal, yet not identical

Men and women are different regardless of what some people would have us believe.  Scores of Scientists, Anthropologists and Social Biologists have presented studies and research to try and carry the truth of gender differences to the news media.  However, vested interested groups resist the truth and hold the power to shape public opinion.  Male / female equality has become a hotly contested political, education and moral issue.

Some people claim the sexes are identical in skills, attitudes and potentials.  They believe that if boys and girls were treated the same, there would be no difference between males and females beyond the basic obvious anatomy.

At the risk of being labeled “anti-female” or sexist, we clearly believe that there is a God-given alternative.  Women were created different to Males, with different commissions and gifting.

2.  The Bell shaped curve

Not all women or men are alike.

Remember the ‘Bell shaped curve we discussed previously?  Differences happen for many reasons, such as bonding to opposite sex parent.  Therefore, it is important to remember when covering a topic such as this, to speak of ‘most’ or ‘few’ rather than in terms of ‘all’ or ‘none’.

3.  Various ways people explain gender differences

a) One (false) view is that of Evolution. Over millions of years, our sex roles have developed.  We are this way because it helped human beings to survive.

b)  We have been conditioned into our sex roles by the generations before us.  Change our role models and we change society.  We are the way we are because we are ‘Nurtured’ into behaviours the way we do.

c)  The genes we inherit from our parents set gender roles.  Males and females are different because it is ‘wired into’ our genetic makeup.

However, there is another explanation! – perhaps one that is a combination of all of the above, except through creation by a Supreme Intelligence rather than the ‘millions of years brain-washing we find around us!

In our next post, we will explore this third possibility as to way most males and females are so vastly different.  Join me then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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