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Apr 26

The Differences in the Brains of Males and Females – Guest Post

 We have found an interesting Guest Post on the scientific difference in male – female brains, from www.newser.com   I’m not sure I agree with all of it but it will get you thinking! 


“The brains of men and women are so physically different they amount to different organs and may have developed from distinct genetic blueprints, new research shows.

“Distinct anatomical differences between male and female brains likely explain many well-established differences of perception and behavior between the sexes, from problem-solving strategies to emotional responses, the Independent reports.

“One study found that parts of the frontal lobe—seat of decision-making and problem-solving—and the emotion-regulating limbic cortex were proportionally larger in women. Brain areas in men that are larger involve sites linked to sensory and spatial perception.

One reason such key differences have remained largely undetected is that most neurological research uses only men and male animals as subjects.

Sexual differences are hard-wired into the brain

“Yeah, right. Which is why women can’t vote or be doctors…” Hold on! Time was when that was the explanation given for such opinions, and similar ones on race, too. So what does the actual science say?

“There’s no evidence for any truth in that statement, other than in the most minor ways. The different-brain stuff is based on cognitive tests, and these are invariably skewed by the testing itself.

Results match expectations. In countries where boys are thought to be better at math, for instance, that’s what the tests show.

“So unless brain structure varies from place to place as well as between sexes, that’s clearly no indicator.

“Meanwhile, scans of brain activity during various tasks do little to demonstrate hard-wired difference. So if you ridicule your girlfriend because she can’t read maps, that may be not because she lacks the brain structure for it, but because it’s hard-wired into you to act like an unthinking male….Not that you should tell her that or anything.”

To understand  more on this topic visit their website!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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