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May 04

3/9a God’s Commissions as the fourth alternative to Evolution or Environment

In our last two posts we set out the basis for the differences and often the disharmony between the genders when it comes to Conflict Solution.  We looked at the common views of about gender differences: we are born with these differences, we learn male and female roles from being in our enviroment or we make choices that lead to male female differences.

In this post we want to explore the Fourth explanation for the unique and special differences between males and females – the original ‘Commission’ from our loving Creator for both males and females.


1.  God’s design for Adam

a)  Adam’s Commission was “to guide, guard and govern the Garden” (Genesis 2:15).  This is the Hebrew word ‘shamar’ which means Adam was to be on guard, alert and active in his care for the Garden.

b)  God built the abilities to do this job within Adam.  Remember the Creator brought all the life in the Garden for Adam to name.  Adam was using 100% of the spiritual, logical, emotional and physical capacity God had given him in his role in the Garden; he functioned as the best a human was created to be.

c)  What abilities and gifting would Adam need to accomplish this role?

—– > ….listening to the Creator for all plans, enjoyment and without stress in the role he was given, logic, administration skills and the foresight for problem that might arise (the elephants in the strawberries), remembering the names of animal and all life, perfect communication and relationship with Eve, nurturing skills for the children God had planned, etc.  Other areas?????

Not much different that that given Eve, except his was the first line of responsibility for the Garden

2.  God’s design for Eve

a)  Eve’s Commission was “to be a fitting helpmate to Adam” (Genesis 2:20b-22).

b)  The capabilities to fulfil this role were built within her as well.  There is no hint of being ‘second class’ to Adam but “…one equal to share in his role”.  Eve would have also been using 100% of her spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical capacity in this role.

c)  What abilities and gifting would Eve need to accomplish this task?

——- > ….listening to their Creator, foresight for problem that might arise, logic, memory and reasoning abilities that matched Adam, nurturing skills for the children God had planned, perfect  communication and relationship with Adam, to help organise and plan, to give ideas about the problem, to help with the enjoyment of a job well done,     Other areas????

Eve’s commission was not that much different from Adam’s but she was to be his ‘fitting and perfect’ helpmate in this job.


After our 25+ years of counselling and mentoring experience, we begin to see some patterns in behaviours with the couples we see.  In fact, I would boldly say that at least 90% of male female relationship problems come from these issues.

Can you see some of the problem areas we face today because of the clash of duties, functions and roles our Creator gave to Adam and Eve?

1.  What happened back in the Garden of Eden … is still happening today!

Both the Adam and Eve of today are repeating the same patterns set by this first couple.

a.  Couples facing problems in relationships reflect the Adam of yesterday!  What did he do wrong?  He didn’t love and protect his Eve but did own desires.  Broke his word to God, stepped out of his authority ‘to guard, guide and govern’.

b.  …but wait!  Let’s not leave the women out of this.  Eve stepped in and did take the responsibility that was to be Adam’s and she did her own thing.  Give Eve some credit through, she did what she did because, as the Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 11:3, 1 Timothy 2:13-14, she was deceived, tricked and conned into making that choice.

2.  So how do we undo the damage we have inherited and chosen from this first couples in our lives today?

Join us when we look further into this whole complex question when we post on the category of ‘Male – Female Conflicts’.  We continue then with the question – What did really happen in the Garden that affects all male female relationships today?  …and how can we reverse these influences in our world for healthier conflict solutions?

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author  

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