Sep 05

A Great new Book: The Truth Shall set you Free!

Recently I attended a Book launch for an interested new book: ‘The Truth has set me Free’. The book traced the mation3journey of Marion, who came through many personal disasters. As she faced each event and allowed the Lord to come and heal the woundedness within, Marion found a whole new way of looking at life. In fact, she found a whole new life. Here is some of her story.

“The Trust has set me Free is my story. It is the testimony of who Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been, and are, in my life. They have asked me to share this with you. I have been on a journey to know Jesus Christ, the Author of Truth. He has shone His light on my life and helped me to discern the lies of the enemy and embrace the truth about who I am and all He has for me.

“John 8:32 NIV “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

“I have learned to ask for His truth in every situation and to be led by His peace. May my story encourage you to seek Him with all your heart, trusting Him to meet you wherever you are and to reveal the truth of who He wants to be to you in this season of your life. Allow Him to take you hand and lead you into the abundant life that Jesus dies for you to experience.

“May it inspire you and release a prophetic declaration of the ‘More’ you can expect to experience with the Lover of your Soul.”

“What an awesome privilege for me to endorse this book! I have walked so much of this journey of healing with Marion and watched her as she has grown in her relationship and intimacy with Father God. Her wisdom and insights have brought me much freedom and have played a huge part in my own healing journey.”

Here are some of the chapters she addresses in her story: As do many people’s journey, she begins her story from Humility or Humiliation – what the choice? Stepping out of Darkness into the Light become vital for growth, Knowing Deconstruction and then Reconstruction was on her path. She found and discovered New Beginnings where Boundaries and Discernment played a big part in healthy living. Trust had to be restores along with Forgiveness and then reconnection and Reconciliation with the broken inner ‘Little girl stuff’. Having faced these choices, Marion now has a new life in the Lord Jesus!

As I looked at the book, I saw other’s comments about Marion and her journey:

poster3“The Truth has set me Free is Marion’s journey from wounding and brokenness to freedom and wholeness. I love her openness and transparency in this book and trust that it will speak to all who read it and enable them to experience freedom from lies they have believed and receive truth that will truly set them free!”

“Marion’s story is one of real mess and pain that is transformed by real love and faith. This book is a testimony to the redemptive work of God, bringing hope and restoration to what is naturally broken beyond repair. Enjoy the read. It will inspire you to see the Father in a new way.” Maurice Benington, Executive Pastor, Stairway Church

I invite you to purchase this book for your own journey! I have watched and shared some of this amazing path Marion has travelled and can highly recommend this concise and precious book to everyone! Put into practice these truths Marion shares and freedom will happen for you as well!

You can find her book here:

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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