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The Love Dare Book for Conflict Solutions

FireproofHere is another highly recommended book and DVD series, now along with the movie!  ‘The Love Dare’ by Stephen Kendrick & Alex Kendrick.  We definitely give it a 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Challenges for Growing Your Marriage, released October 1, 2008.

Here are a few comments from others who have read this book:

This book goes along with the movie called ‘Fireproof’, with a Christian marriage theme. The book contains 40 days of Biblical topics and dares for each day, including a scripture, a dare, a place to check off when you complete the dare and some questions about each dare.

An example: one day is about unconditional love, and the questions for that day ask if this is different than you have acted in the past and how the current results are different.

There are lines to write answers in the book. For a couple to do this, you probably each want to get your own book. If you are the only one in your marriage who would buy or do this, you can still do it and get a lot out of it.

I highly recommend this. It is a terrific way to make baby steps toward a better marriage by doing very simple, measurable actions.

By J. Kennel “marriagefanatic”

This review is from: The Love Dare (Paperback) by Bonnie

I had planned to wait until I completed the 40 days before writing this review. But I have come to decide that it won’t matter if my husband and I reunite to determine this book a personal success. My circumstances are Conflict The Love Dare - Stephen Kendrick2different than most. My husband & I have been separated for almost a year and living 2,000 miles apart. You would think that would make doing the daily dares difficult. I do it all by email. I give a brief review of that day’s topic and then I talk about what I would do “if I were home”.

My husband swore he’d delete the emails without opening but evidently he couldn’t bring himself to do that. I’m only on day 16 and we are communicating by phone and our last conversation he said “if you come home, we’ll need to take things slow”. A month ago he said he couldn’t wait until the year was up to file for divorce. Like the movie suggest, don’t do anything about ending the marriage until you give it just 40 more days.

I am prayerfully hopeful that this will be the first 40 days of our new life together and a wonderful testimony to others in trouble. But, if not, the insight about myself that has been revealed day by day will make me a better person in any relationship. Good luck and God bless.

The Love Dare and Fireproof Couples Kit Helped My Marriage!

Another review from: The Love Dare  by Eric Abel

After going through The Love Dare and Fireproof Your Marriage Couple’s Kit, my wife and I found new hope for our marriage. In a practical way, we learned how to love unconditionally and that has had priceless results on our relationship. We highly endorse The Love Dare book and recommend you get the Fireproof Your Marriage Couples Kit too. We are going to recommend the Fireproof Your Marriage Leader’s Kit to our Pastor and may be our whole church will benefit from the small groups.

We wanted to say a special thanks to Marion Hunt for her added recommendation!

You can buy the book HERE from the Book Depositary:

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