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Jan 14

An interesting Book: Life Strategies by Dr. Phil McGraw

FB Life Straties

 FB Life StratiesWe all need to have a sense of purpose and Godly control in our lives.  It’s the ‘Doing what works; doing what matters’ that brings us closer to our true identity.  Sometimes, we need some timely help to reach the best way of doing things.  Here is Part 1 of a YouTube segment featuring Phil McGraw’s book Life Strategies. 

‘You are in Control of your Destiny’

We do need to live with a purpose and find the solutions to the conflict that face us.  Here are comments about the ‘Life Strategies’ book by Steven Szmutko:

Jul 02

5/17 Life Law #3: “You create your own experience”

Life Stratagies - McGrawHere is another adaptation of Dr. Phil McGraw’s book called ‘Life Strategies’.  This is his Third law in the Principles of learning to live the kind of life your Creator meant for you to have.

When you begin to acknowledge and accept the accountability for your own life, you will begin to understand that your role in creating the results you want in yours and God’s hands.

As an adult, you have the responsibility in your hands.  No matter what your life’s circumstances, you can no longer dodge the fact of your own input into where you are today.