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Apr 22

6/20 (2) Conflict Solutions looks at the Logic versus the Intuitive Mindset

fidelity couple2Our aim in presenting this material is not to prove one gender is better than the other, or that one is more capable than the other, but to improve relationships between the sexes. 

There are God-given, biological and social reasons why men and women are unique and pre-programmed to behave in certain ways.  The secular world would have us believe that it is just our genes, or our environment and social conditioning that dictates gender ‘culture’.  However, there is a third stream – God’s creation.


Mar 25

6/17 (1) The Intuitive versus Rational thinking patterns in Conflict Solutions

couple parentsSo far in our discussion on ‘What your dad didn’t tell you about the opposite sex’, we have looked at two of the seven main misunderstandings about males and females.  We talked about the unconscious belief that females are just like males but in a female body.  How wrong this misdirected conception is ….. and how painful when males and females hold this unrealistic idea.

Then the second area we looked at was the interesting view that opposites can and do attack.  It’s finding the right balance and combining the talents and gift of both people that often holds the key to good working relationships.