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Apr 15

Conflict Solutions Present 2 YouTube versions of Male Female Differences

In our series for Conflict Solutions, we have bee discussing Male-female interactions.

Here are two YouTube videos on the male female differences by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr Tim Clinton.  This may also help you see some ways to enjoy the opposite sex.

Here is another view of male female differences by Dr Tim Clinton·.  If you enjoy his views he has 32 videos you might also enjoy watching:


May this info add to your understanding of male female differences in a humorous as well as serious way.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


Feb 13

6/30 Mutual servanthood is the goal for Conflict solutions

male female questionsServanthood is a foreign concept to much of the ‘me-first’ world around us.  Certainly, this was broken since the first couple in the Garden o Eden.  True servanthood was demonstrated by Jesus Christ when He was here on earth.  Few notable examples have emerged since His day.

To understand what servanthood’ means, we need to pull the very word apart.

Then, what are the basic principles we can learn from this study on Male Female differences?  What is the heart of the Battle between the sexes?

  1. The Submissive Attitude is for Every Believer.