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5/34 Summary of our Blog on the Early Years of Marriage

couple parentsSo far in our Conflict Solutions Blog, we have discussed how learning to resolve conflicts is essential to any relationship or to inner personal health.  We have covered the importance of good communications skills and learning how to really listen to others to resolve conflicts.  Then we went onto looking at how our Family or Origin influences all our conflicts, especially when two people come from such different families as our case examples of Chelsea and Jacko.

From there we discussed Male Female differences and how our personality shapes the way we handle disagreements with others.   In this last series of posts we focused on conflict in the early years of a marriage and in a relationship in general.  We talked about unreal expectations in relationships and ways to keep that special relationship fresh and alive.  Then we moved onto a few YouTube sessions on learning how to get your husband to talk about important issues and learning how to deal with difficult people.

Next we ventured into the common life changes in marriage and how to keep that right mental attitude for Conflict Solutions. We introduced a Guest post with Ana Hoffman on the importance of keeping on, keeping on and having that great marriage.

Knowing that much of any relationship lies in your own hands, we saw how ‘Life Laws’ challenge us to create own experience.  We looked at Payoffs and 10 of the most common myths connected with marriage.  Household duties and meeting basic needs are also important within marriages or in relationships.  As resources, we set out our Website of the month and why some women cheat in their marriage.  We ended our time together with a positive note on how to transition into better marriages, along with 10 ways to build a better marriage.

So where to now? 

Our next series is a very special one that is slightly out of the ordinary: What your Dad 3 girls family conflictsdidn’t tell you about the Opposite sex!  This is one of the most interesting and valuable series of information for women and men to help us understand each other.  It’s usually a topic we didn’t hear much about from our Dads – for many obvious reasons.

Can you image a cat and a dog living together in harmony?  One climbs a tree and the other asks why…one chews on a bone and the other asks why.  It’s only when the both accept the good qualities and see the other viewpoint that any harmony can be claimed.  So it is with females and males.

We’ll start at the beginning to talk about why males and females are so different.  Yes, some of that will go back to the Creator’s idea of males and females.  From there we will look at how this ‘war of the sexes’ has influenced our present day thinking.  Why do so many males and females have trouble communicating and talking about life?  Is this ‘War’ inevitable?

male female questionsThen we want to present some answers to help restore the balance – and to help each of us understand the importance of being the male and female we were designed to be.  How can husbands, brothers, fathers and sons take on the challenge of being the best they can be?  What about us women?  Can we help shape Godly, caring males?

So join us as we head into the series “What your Dad didn’t tell you about the Opposite sex!”

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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