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6/10 Many Males see female as the source of life

Once a man was waling along a beautiful beach and found a magic bottle.  When he rubbed the bottle, a genie appeared.  He was granted two wishes.  “First, I would like a bridge from my office in San Francisco to the island where I live.  Three lane highway would be good but I would take two lane if necessary.”
“…but…..” the genie spluttered. “That’s 5,00 mile of freeway and over such deep water!  Do you have another request?”

“Well” said the man. “I would like to understand women.”

“Huuummmm” said the genie after thinking for awhile.  “Now about that bridge…..”

In our last post, we talked about the struggle between males and females over the authority to take the responsibility andfamily or origin how the Old Nature has shaped both sexes response to this authority.  Of course the real roots of this struggle go back to Lucifer, who wanted the power and authority of God Himself.  This caused his downfall, along with 1/3 of the angels.  By infecting Adam and Eve with his deception and rebellion, the power struggle continues.

It all started with pride, the root of all misery and sin., Proverbs 8:13. The nature of Satan himself, 1 Peter 5:

Notice who gave the name ‘Eve’ to the first woman?  You will find it was Adam, not God, who gave her this name (Genesis 3:20).  Eve means “the life-giving one” (TLB).

After the fall, Adam lost the ability to follow the Creator as he once did.  He could only ‘see’ from a naturalistic point of view.  He perceived that it is the woman who produces physical life.  The Canaanites saw it this way too, so they worshiped the Ashtoreth, the female fertility mother goddess.

Worshipping ‘female’ as the source of life, is deception of course, because the real source of Life is Father God.  When the egg of a female and the sperm of the male unite into a new human being, God puts the ‘breath of life’ or the spirit into this new human (Genesis 2:7, Zechariah 12:1).

Some males may perceive motherhood as ‘the source’, because during childhood she is the one who takes responsibility and fulfils the child’s needs and wants.  If Dad either doesn’t exist (died, left family) or refuses responsibility, then their view of woman as comfort and ‘life’ can become entrenched for boys ‘under rejection’.  In other words, they were afraid that if they weren’t obedient little boys, they would be rejected by their mother figure.

Often, we see the Typical cycle in male female relationships in the counselling rooms:

             Male needs female approval!                    Female needs to feel special, or needed!

*** They meet and wow!  She turns his lights on! —- > She feels special and needed by the male,

*** The male makes a mistake —- > The female gets hurt and angry, respects him less and less,

*** The Male feels inadequate or worse —- > She withdraws her approval,

*** He tries harder, makes more mistakes —- > She rejects him more,

*** He acts irresponsible and doesn’t show love —- > She responds poorly,

*** He response poorly —- > She loses more respect,

*** He gets hurt, angry, withdraws —- > She responds poorly and loses more respect,

*** Male loses female approval, —- > Female doesn’t feel special,

*** Both get discouraged, respond poorly and protect from further hurt,

Male withdraws or bullies —- > Female withdraws or manipulates,

The relationship continues to go downhill, emotional separation, ending in divorce, broken relationship or worse.

So what is the answer to this complicated cycle?  Where is the health in good conflict resolutions skills to resolve this problem?

We can see that Adam and Eve’s bad decisions don’t just mess up the Human Race’s relationship with God.  They messed up the male / female interactions to this day.  Yes, what a mess!  How does this thing get fixed?  We will talk about these Conflict Solutions in our next posts.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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