Dec 23

6/11 Jesus’ view of women when it comes to the Battle of the Sexes

parentsDid you know that Jesus was a radical?  For His time, He had very radical views about women.  He broke many social, sexual and religious taboos about even talking to women.  Other people thought being a female was just another part of a man’s possessions.  “My sheep, my wagon, my wife, my oxen, my children ….” were common ways of seeing women and children.

Jesus showed deep love and care for the individual, whether they were male or female.  We must begin by understanding what was in the heart of Father God when He created female.  Because, we are different than males!  Does that surprise anyone?

The Restored Eve – God’s plan.

We’ve looked at what it means to be a women today through the eyes of the feminist beliefs.  However, to really  answer this question, we need to see what Father God planned for us as His women of today.  Then we need to explore what the Creator wanted for His men of today!

Every generation faced the same question the snake asked.  ”Did God really say….” because, you see the snake still talks to us today.  This is the basis for the feminists, the women’s libber’s of your mothers day and the drive of the independent women, trying to live without any relationships with men.  That wasn’t God’s plan.

However, to really understand we must see what was in the heart of Father God in creating the precious, special and  unique creature that is women.  He knew the path ahead for all women, the pain and trauma of being in Adam’s world, so He planned a way through for us.

He has a special place for us as the daughter of the New Eve – we can take His plans for us as a restriction or as a protection.  He allows us to even choose this.  Then what about the special place as His sons in our trouble world?  How do we get out of this dilemma?  Do we continue to go on struggling to find our special place with Him.  There is a better way!

Does God really love us?  Does He really have a working plan to really protect us females from the pain of that lack of taking responsibility for the female.  So what did He plan for us?  What was Father God’s plan to keep the females well loved and protected?  To see this we need to see the effects of Adam’s actions:

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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