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Mar 18

6/16 Opposites Attract when it comes to Conflict Solutions

male female differencesOpposites attract.  Believe it or not, sometimes opposites can complement each other but other times, it’s cats and dogs at war.

It is true that (like magnets) opposites attract.  Most males couldn’t be further away in their thinking than most female.  Males tend to be problem solvers, while most women are relationship oriented.  We see this when a family is being built.  Mothers are usually the nurtures while most fathers tend toward solving – or neglecting to solve – issues.  I believe Creator God has given most females this extra relationship orientation to build families.

Most females are quicker at team building and working with others on a project.  They think in relationship terms.  Most males hold logic up as important; females tend toward the emotions and being other-related.  Men tend to be inward-centred, while women are other centred.  Females tend to be more verbal and express themselves in body language more than most males.

Raising-Your-ChildWatching children in a Preschool/Kindergarten setting holds this true as well.  Verbal and relationship skills are central in the teen years as well.  If you watched a group of girls at school, what would they be talking about? Girls: other friends, TV shows, music, boys they like, etc.  Most boys would be busy playing sport of some sort.  Maths and Science subjects once were heavily influenced by more male students when English, Arts and Music had more female students.  Hopefully this is changing as girls learn they can be as good at Maths and Science as boys.

These kinds of gender differences occur because God designed us different.  Other influences are obvious physical and hormonal, as well as different male and female ‘culture’.  An ingrained joke is the example of how most females have to turn the map to the direction they are driving versus being able to ‘turn the map in their head’ as most males do.

In fact there are many interesting books on this subject.   Come check out our other blog:  to see some more examples.

Sometimes, in relationships, opposites also attract.  Sports enthusiasts can find competition with others outside their sports area.  Someone maybe strongly environmental minded but yet be attracted to an non-environmentalist.  Habits may be in opposites as well as tastes in music.

When males and females learn to recognise these differences, the need for conflict is reduced.  In fact, learning to work with the opposite sex has its benefits.  If a female can enhance the relationship by using her best skills to compensate for the lesser skills in the male, harmony can be achieved …. If the two have learned to work together to recognise and blend each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Of course this presumes as willingness to be open and lower the pride to accept the opposite sex’s help in the first place.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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