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6/2 Males and Females created Differently

scroll and quillWe continue our discussion on the roots of the battle between the sexes with our story in Genesis.  Males are different than females – obviously!  As we saw in our last post, it starts with the original couple – the story of the Garden of Eden. 

What happened then is still happening today! There is still that ‘snake in the grass’.  So in order to understand where today’s problems exist, we need to see where things went wrong.  This was the start of the Original War. 

So what happened to their perfect world?  What torn their perfect unity apart … and is still going on today.

As we discussed in our last post, this original couple lived in perfect harmony …. until?

We discussed how Adam was created first, named the animals but none was found suitable as a companion.  So Creator God took a rib and created woman.  I can imagine this was his comment when he first saw her: a “Wow!  Man!”

They were both equal – but with different commissions, roles to place in keeping the Garden in perfect condition.  male female questionsThey both walked and talked with God in the Garden!  Everything was perfect; there was no separation in their communication!

So what happened? 

Permit me to have some ‘poetic licence’?  Adam tells the story:

“I awoke like any other morning, to the gentle sound of birds and warm sunshine coming through the trees.  We had been sleeping in the soft mosey forest just off the cherry tree orchard.  I lay there listening to the sounds around me and then realised, my woman was not beside me.

“I stretched, lazily enjoying the peace and gentle breeze.  I stirred myself when the Creator’s voice whispered: “Go find your wife.”  She had been somewhat listless lately, distracted and often moody.  It wasn’t like her to be gone without telling me where she planned to go.

“I walked through the forest, over the lush grasses and into the centre of the Garden.  There she stood, transfixed and listening to …. What?  This was a special place; the Creator had placed two trees in this sun filled space: The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

“I remembered the Creator’s words to me from long ago: ‘You are free to eat from any tree in the garden buy you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for when you eat of it, you will surely die.’   (Genesis 2: 17)  I knew I had shared this command many times and yet here stood my woman, gazing up into the tree.

“I approached quietly, not wanted to upset her.  She was intent on listening to something… someone ….  Could it be?  A snake had curled around the branches…and was speaking to her!  I had named all the creatures our Creator had brought to life …. but I didn’t remember any of them talking! 

“I could hear the soft, cunning voice ‘You will surely not die.  You are the Creator’s chosen ones!  In fact, the Creator knows that when you eat of this tree, your eyes will be opened and …. You will be like God, knowing Good and evil.’

“I could see her thinking, hearing the words, balancing what she knew and what she wanted to know ….  I breathed a sigh of relief as she turned and walk away… into the quietness of the forest around her .… but I began to wonder, what would it be like to know good and evil?  Our world was perfect … and what was evil any way?  Was our loving Creator hiding something from us?  Did knowing good and evil mean we would know more of the secrets of the universe around us?

“I silently contemplated all this for the next cycles.  Quietly I sat and watched as my woman spent more and more time, looking at the fruit and listening to this talking snake.  My curiosity was also growing …. What if …… ?”

Join us in our next post as we see the deciding factor for Adam and what actions he took.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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