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May 27

6/22 Various Explanations Gender Differences

couple parentsThe aim of this series has been to restore women and men into their place of what God intended for them to be.  The heart of Father God is to see His creation and especially the family, protected and cherished.  His plans are for both males and females to thrive and grow by following His principles. 

He certainly does not see the battle of the sexes as normal, or as joke material and the basis for media dollars.  This only promotes the dysfunctions that families continue into the next generation.

Various secular authors have tried to explain why the human race developed the differences between the genders.  The following ideas have been presented:

1.  Over millions of years, our sex roles have developed.  We are this way because it helped human beings to survive.  This is the evolutionist viewpoint.

2. We have been conditioned into our sex roles by the generations before us.  Of we change our role models, we change society.   The belief says that we are different in gender traits because we have been conditioned by our family of origin and society.

3.  The genes we inherit from our parents set gender roles.  We are male or female only because that is the way our genetic has produced us.

fetus44.  We are ‘Pre-wired’ in the womb

About 6 to 8 weeks after conception, hormones dictate our development.  All foetuses start out female until the male hormone, testosterone, kicks in and the foetus becomes male.  Research tends to support the hypothesis that much of the male / female differences and characteristics begin to develop at this time.

5.  Male and female brain stems develop different

As the foetus develops, a female hormone, oestrogen, causes her brain stem to grow more connections between the right and left-brain hemispheres.  Since most female foetus develop more connections, this allows them to switch brain sides quicker and more often. This ‘multi-tracking’ ability shows up clearly in most females.

Most males develop fewer connective fibres, which means more definite ‘compartments’ develop within the male brain.  Therefore they need more time to switch from one compartment to another.  They are able to concentrate on one thing with more focus than most females.  Remember our post on the YouTube research? 

YouTube The Difference between male and female brains in conflict Solutions

Whatever you believe about how the genders became different, the bottom line is that our Creator planned for both male and female.  Each had a different commission and job in the Garden of Eden.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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