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6/24 Guest post: A Males’ Observations of the Differences Between the Sexes

Recently, we had a special presentation on the topics we have been looking at in our series ‘What your Dad didn’t Tell you about the Opposite sex’.  One of our Married Counsellors at the Counselling Centred  Daniel3discussed some of the common issues he found in the counselling rooms when working with couples. 

Here is a brief overview of Daniel Fengler’s talk on what he has found to be five  main differences in most male and female personalities.


A. On an average, the following applies to most of the males and females in your world:

1.  Women tend to be more relationship orientated while men tend to be more problem solving orientated.  More men fit the logical / rational mode while women work more with their emotions and intuition.

2.  Most females are better at English and language skills, relationship and speech orientated activities.  In fact, most little boys are overwhelmed with the language abilities of little girls of their age.

3.  Most women have a stronger sense of sensory perception such as changes in moods, can hear different pitches in voice and show more awareness of non-verbal communication processes.  Most women have a greater variety of cones in the retina, which allows more varieties within colours while the cones for most males receive more basic colours.  More female brains decode the information at a quicker rate than most male brains.

4.  Most females can see at 45° wide-angle vision, while most men see in a narrower ‘tunnel vision’.  Males concentrate on a single source in a more restricted range of vision.

5.  Females show more intuition, or what has been called the 6th sense.  This allows most women to read distress signals in babies and to detect emotional and physical pain – essential in nourishing and mothering skills.  As a result, most women hear better, read ‘between the lines’ and can identify details over most men’s abilities to do so.

6.  Most women have a quicker and sharper sense of smell and taste compared to most men.  One study suggests that some females can detect the state of a man’s immune system within 3 seconds of meeting.

7.  By 17, most girls can function in life skills as a mature adult versus most males who mature later in life.

B.  However, remember Males excel in some areas

Remember, we are not talking about more valuable – just different.  Most males excel at skills directly related to their God-given commission.  Males were designed to be ‘hunter-gatherers’, the ones who hunted and protected the village from the lions.

couple61.  Most males are better orientated toward problem solving, rational and logical mind functions.  Most males show better spatial and location skills, such as reading maps, finding destinations and travelling by street signs.  Most women travel by recognising landmarks.

2. Being able to concentrate on one thing at a time means that more often, males complete one job well.  An example is a receptionist’s reactions when expected to do more than one job at a time.

3.   If women measure males by their own genetic and biological measuring stick, many males are seen as crude, insensitive and ‘… thick as a brick…”.  Actually, most males do have thicker physical skins than most females.

C. True, Social pressures reinforce differences

Along with the biological differences, social conditioning also influences male / female differences.  For example, most people chose gifts for babies based on their sex:  Boy’s are dressed in blue and pink for girl babies.

The way society treats boys and girls accentuates the God-given differences.  Studies show that Biology influences our gender roles are further ‘conditioned’ by social stereotypes.  Some jobs are ‘male only’ strongholds, such as construction, heavy lifting or ‘dangerous’ areas.

Most females work with relationship, verbal and nonverbal communication, and teamwork.  Most males are good at problem solving, competition and single focus tasks.  In broad terms, ‘Boys like things and girls like people; boys compete while most girls co-operate’.  Most men want to ‘go to their cave’, climb up on their rock to solve problems.  Women who follow them usually get kicked off!  Males and females do perceive the world – and how to solve their issues – in different ways. 


Thanks Daniel for your Presentation on ‘Understanding Male Female Differences’. 

Remember how we discuss that each gender needs to see the other almost like ‘aliens’ in order to get the perspective to try and understand their behaviours and thinking patterns.  Do a quick review here:

We will continue with Daniel’s discussion in our next post when we talked about ‘women being weaker than men’ and the big difference in the area of Sexuality.  Join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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