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6/3 The Choice led to Disaster and the need for Conflict Solutions

full riverSo far, we have discussed the creation of the worlds, the earth and then the crowning achievement: Adam and the woman, living in a perfect Garden.  We last left the couple, each looking and listening to the Snake.

We shall continue with the story from the woman’s viewpoint:

“Slowly my interest grew in this talking snake.  I had never seen a snake talk before so it did arouse my curiosity more and more.  Other feelings came to the surface as well as this new sensation of curiosity.  I felt confusion – Why had the Creator not told us these things?  I thought about what it would be like … to be like God and my fantasy grew.  The awesome power of creation …. and I felt somewhere, back in my memory, I caught the sound of Adam’s words – but what if he had been wrong…. ? 

“I felt sparks within my mind as I thought about the possibilities and yet I was frightened.  This was beyond my normal world so something existed outside of the Creator’s control?  How could this snake know things I had never heard of before?  Then could it possible be right – what it said?  Soon I felt more confusion and uncertainty than ever before.  What should  I do?

“How long I stood there listening, thinking about this bewildering and yet exciting possibility, I am not sure.  The snake’s cunning, crafty words echoed in my mind and sent my emotions into things I had never felt before.  Something supernatural was happening and where was our Creator now? 

“Sometime during the process, I became aware that Adam had joined me.  He watched and listened, caught in the same questioning atmosphere around me.  No words came to stop me; no actions halted my arm from reaching out.  I took one of the beautiful, enticing fruits and bite into its delicious soft flesh.   Then ….…  I held my breath – nothing happened.  (Genesis 3:6)

“I slowly smiled and looked at Adam.  Even with the strange look in his eye, I offered him the fruit as well.  He took it …. and bite into it too.  No sound of thunder, only a soft chuckle from the cunning snake.  It had succeeded … and then we saw the consequences of the choice Adam and I had made!”

Catch our next post when a sad Creator faces our ‘perfect’ – yet untested -couple.  Their eyes were opened as the snake had said but what they saw was not the adventure of being like God that they had expected.  The woman was deceived in her emotional turmoil (2 Corinthians 11:3, ) while Adam knowingly took the bite of the fruit ….. and what was the results?  Join us in our next post and see the results of their disobedience to a loving Creator.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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