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Jun 19

6/35 The Points System for Conflict Solutions

Many men are confused over what women want.  This is understandable, since very few men had fathers that taught themfamily or origin the real nature of women.  One way of achieving understanding is to observe what gives your special lady strength and joy.

A very practical way of doing this is to discover the number of ‘points’ that your woman needs to stay healthy.  Women need anywhere from 20-40 points every day to feel satisfied which their mate.  Every act that says “I love you” is worth one point.

Following are some examples of points:

  1. Physical ‘touch’: holding hands, hugs, kisses, etc.
  2. Emotional ‘touch’: listening to the woman’s feelings, sharing your own feelings with her, listening to the things that are important to her, telling her how much you appreciate or love her,
  3. Special ‘touch’: making a special effort in some way, including her in your world, remembering her in some way when she least expects it, buying her some personal luxury (jewellery, flowers, chocolate, perfume),
  4. Protective ‘touch’: making sure she is never alone if she doesn’t want to be (like at parties), earning enough money to give her basic financial security, physical protection (like being responsible for locking the house at night),
  5. Spiritual ‘touch’: praying with her, reading the Bible with her, leading her to church worship, getting together with other men to pray for her (and family),
  6. Practical ‘touch’: fixing things around the house, mowing the lawn, keeping petrol in the car,

All of these things are worth one point each.  A diamond necklace and a passionate kiss can be worth the same amount depending on circumstances.  Men, when you start understanding these alien creatures, they are actually ‘cheap’ to run!

The problem is that men expect women to have the same mercenary point system as them.  For men an electric drill, which costs $100, is worth 100 points.  Socks and underwear are worth one point!  So it is women’s culture, not men’s that says:  ‘It’s the thought that counts’.

Book: wafflesRead some books on listening to God in pray (like Dialogue with God, by Mark Virkler). Read some books on Book - mind of a womanthe difference between men and women (like ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’).  To get some more good ideas, come on over to

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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